September 29, 2011

In the Navy...

H&M Top / Thrifted Skirt / Shoeland Heels / Chain Necklace is mine / Cross Necklace?? / NY&Co Watch
Occasion: Work

Statements & questions I'm asked while at work (on any given day):
  • How do you walk in those shoes?
  • Why do you dress up?
  • You don't like just being casual?
  • How many pairs of shoes do you have?
  • How many bags do you have?
  • Why do you purchase heels soooo high?
  • Why are you quiet?
  • You don't play well with others do you?
  • How come you never go to lunch with us? (side eye to those who ask me this one)


  1. Ok, first off - you are singing the story of my life!!! I get those same questions, its the MOST annoying thing ever! I also get the back handed compliment of "Oh, you always dress so cute. But that's because you don't have any kids." People are ridiculous and don't realize how offensive they can be. Now if I said what I wanted to say in response, I'd probably lose my job!

    On to your outfit, I love it and I think you beat me to the punch. That long blue skirt I just thrifted, I was planning on wearing a similar shirt. LOL! How ironic.

    7eventh Letter

  2. pleats are so pretty :)

    i worked around a bunch of fashionistas so i never got most of those questions, but people def thought i was quiet. i came to work, work. i didn't know that was a crime. plus the ppl who thought that abt me were ppl i wasn't interested in talking to...

  3. LOVEEE your skirt. Perfect color for fall! :)

    Oh! I can see myself getting annoyed at these questions too ... people have no comprehension of boundaries!

    ♡ from ©

  4. Wow those questions sound wild irritating. HOw do you grin and bare it all?

  5. Yes...I get so tired of hearing the same questions.

    @Sing - that's my problem...I never bite my tongue. I always say what's on my mind--in a very tactful way :)

  6. This is sooo cute. I want all of your skirts! I've been looking for a skirt like this every time I go to the thrift store and I always find one but never in my size.

  7. I hear those same questions at work as well. I wear what I feel comfortable in and go to work to do my job! Not hang out or gossip.


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