October 4, 2011

Shopping my closet....again

Forever21 Skirt / Top? / Shoe Land Wedges

You know...it wasn't until Sunday, I was going through all my seasonal clothing (in the attic) switching out some articles of clothing, that I realized I have way too much. It's funny because I don't see myself as a shopaholic. Maybe I'm in denial?? But I do have a lot. Anyway, I came across so much stuff (even items with tags on them), that I know I need to get rid of something.

While looking however, I came across this skirt. It is the exact same skirt Trina wore on Saturday (at least I believe it is). I forgot I even purchased it. The shoes...were also in a box (untouched).

Seriously though, I had fun shopping my seasonal boxes/closet in the attic. I'm always pleasantly surprised. I can't wait to wear some of the items I found for fall. But I am going to have to have a yard sale of something...

Well, I hope everyone has a great night!



  1. Corie loveeeeeeeeee that skirt omg my today outfit was the same combination that I will be posting tomorrow wow great minds think alike soo pretty



  2. Corie,

    Send me that skirt! That is all. LOL!

    7eventh Letter

  3. that does look like Trina's skirt! wow! I just love finding hidden gems! you look great in that beautiful skirt!

  4. Girl yes that's madness. Stuff you forget about with tags on, hmm mmm. lol
    Love the skirt, nice discovery.

  5. How did you forget you had that skirt! Isn't it amazing!

  6. Such a simple and cute outfit!! Love the wedges, might have to run by Shoeland this weekend to see if I can find those!!

    Carsedra of:



  7. Love the look! Especially the skirt!!!


  8. thank you all...& yes I do love that skirt.

    and Trina...yeah I totally forgot I had it. I remember now that I bought it then threw it in the bins in the attic for some reason.


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