October 12, 2011

Style .... or .... Comfort?

I feel as though comfortable looks can still be stylish and chic. Why slack on your style just because you're not feeling it that particular day? See I'm the type of individual who only likes to be comfortable in anything I wear. However, I make it look somewhat stylish. Case in point...
(Old Photo taken in 2010)

Some say save your sweatpants for your workout...I say make it work (in my Tim Gunn voice).

I have my days when I'm like I really don't feel like getting dressed; so I work with what I have. I try my hardest not to look too drab.

Today was one of those days....I just wasn't feeling it. So, considering I have a plethora of 'go to' dresses; I decided--why not--and this was one of them. It's very casual, yet not too drab.

Style or comfort? I believe you can accomplish both in one outfit.

What do you think?



  1. I def feel you on the stylish comfort thing! I LOVE sweats (and heels) together!!! I also love that dress you're wearing.


  2. I'm still not sure about the whole jogging pants with heels, but your outfit is cute and comfortable!!

    I love that dress it's very nice!! Those booties from Forever 21 are very stylish!!

    Carsedra of:



  3. Love both outfits... Im down for comfort anyday...

  4. I agree with you. Style should not be sacrificed for comfort. I know that it's sometimes sacrificed for me if I don't really feel like getting dressed at all. It's just my truth.


  5. I agree with you. Right now, my clothing is all about comfort and having my breats easily accessible (breastfeeding), but I make it work!

    Love both outfits!

  6. i agree 100%...comfort is key when it comes to fashion/style.

    love both outfits; especially the sweatpants and heels. VERY cute! very "casual corie" with a twist ;-)


  7. I KNOW you are not calling this look drab? You look great, it's a very 60's mod look, very cool.
    On my drab days, I will pop the accessories to feel more pulled together.

  8. yes Candice....in a way I was like, it doesn't look too drab..just a little :) thanks!

    thanks everyone for the comments...I can't help it, I love to look & feel comfy & stylish at the same time.

    @Carsedra you should try it! just throw on some sweats & some type of heel & see how you look..I'm sure you'll look fab!

  9. Corie,I saw a couple of other ladies with the jogging pants/heel look and they all looked fab! I really think I might give this look a try, I have to find the right kind of jogging pants and booties, because I am thinking I would do a rugged type high heel bootie!! :-)

    Carsedra of:




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