October 23, 2011

The Weekend...

As I stated in my previous post, my daughter had her homecoming this weekend (Saturday). One of her best friends picked her up, along with the rest of their crew, and they basically had a grand Saturday.

Here are just some of the pics from her day (she will post more on her blog).
Esra (one of the best friends), daughter

daughter....wearing dress from LuLus, heels from A'Gaci, wrap from TJMaxx and clutch she won from Swapnista 2011 Fashion Event.

Samira (other best friend) and daughter at Bahama Breeze before going to homecoming.

daughter and friends at homecoming.

I heard they had loads of fun. However, I can't wait until she uploads the rest of the pics. I was sort of amazed...

As for me--I went out with friends to celebrate my birthday early (actual birthday on Tuesday). And boy was it some kind of fun! It's great to have really good friends.
top: Nordstrom / leggings: Forever21 / wedges: Charlotte Russe / necklace: WalMart / bag:?
Yep....I had tons of fun. When I came back home...I couldn't wait to hit the sheets.

And today was all about cleaning my car & relaxing--watching all of the Law & Order reruns ;)
cargo jacket & jeggings: NY&Co / T: H&M / flats: ShoeLand
How was your weekend?


  1. Daughter and friends look great...Happy Homecoming!
    You look awesome!!! Love the entire look including the soft curls--gorgeous...my color BLACK :). Happy Early Birthday! Yes, it is GREAT having good friends.

  2. The girl and her friends look awesome. We never had homecoming dances and parties in the po-duck town I grew up in. lol! Unless you wanna include hanging out in the Wal Mart parking lot partying. And you look sexy fab yourself, early birthday girl! It is nice to have great friends, more of a blessing:)

  3. Your daughter looked so pretty and it looks like they had alot of fun!! Never went to my Homecoming dances, games yes but no dances!!

    Your birthday outing outfit was fab!! I love the shoes and the necklace!!

    Carsedra of:



  4. Daughter-GORG!
    U look amazing! love the shoes, jeggings, the whole nine!

    HEART ur blog....

  5. you looked awesome as usual! loving that leggings indeed...your daughter looks amazing. obviously great style runs in the family lol...happy birthday in advance by the way.

  6. Happy Birthday, what a great outfit to celebrate in!

  7. HAPPY early Birthday!!! Love your B-day look...that necklace, the bomb and the leggings love them!


  8. That black outfit is hotness.
    You did a great job on daughters makeup.

  9. That black is nice and sheek, you look sexy, Ilike that look on you...

  10. Love the new header...so creative. Your daughter looks gorgeous and so did you for your friend's birthday shindig.

    Also check out my blog when you get a chance:


    I have bestowed you with a 'Kreativ Blogger' award.


  11. Necklace from walmart? Very cute

  12. thank you all so much! I believe my daughter now has some pics up on her blog as well.

  13. Ha my Facebook status yesterday was two things: 1. I want my momma and 2. Oh to be a kid again. I'm always talking about high school with my son. It was one of the bestest times of learning ever :) I peeped your daughter's blog after the ATL post you did and she's fab!


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