November 6, 2011

And my weekend?

I did absolutely nada...
and it was good for me.
I mean, outside of the personal errands, I stayed home. I didn't even go to a movie.
So I wore this outfit Saturday to run a few errands...
skirt: UO / T: some random store / jean jacket: Old Navy / boots: Target

On Sunday, my daughter and I had lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse. After lunch we went home. Again, another day relaxing at the home front.

OK, so... we both had gone to Shoeland last week and found these lovelies...

I tweeted about them last week as well. The shoes were only $28 (with tax). Not bad at all. I wore them all day today, and to my surprise, they were totally comfy!

My daughter bought the same shoes. This is how we wore them today...
how we wore them

She also has some black ones (Walkers) similar to the ones shown above, only she got those from her store--Baker's. They cost a bit more, however, since she's a Baker's employee she got a discount.

But here are more pics of my outfit from today...
sweater: Love21 / button up shirt: Old Navy / jeggings: NY&Co / bag: H&M

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Very laid back/weekend chic. Love the shoes! I can't believe they are comfortable! Sometimes cute/sexy can hurt. lol! It's funny that you spoke about the tax on your shoes. In Minnesota, we have no sales tax on clothes/shoes. My Chicago peeps are so jealous. HA!

  2. You guys are too cute! I need to stop by shoeland myself, and OMG I can't believe they have online shopping now and nobody told me. LOL. I saw that Asiah linked to the shoes on her blog! Go 'head on ShoeLand LOL!!

    Love that black sheer-ish skirt!

  3. Love both looks!! You two look so cute in your matching shoes!! I saw that Shoeland has online shopping yesterday and I think I saw these shoes on there!! I spotted some pumps they have that are really cute that I think I might get!! :-)

    Carsedra of:

  4. Love the sheer skirt! Cute!


  5. those shoes are awesome you ladies look soo cute in both looks. Im gonna have to go by shoeland and check them out. I love that store. I had a lay back weekend myself been sick since wednesday so no blogging at all maybe tomorrow have a good night



  6. Shoeland doing it like that... I betta go check 'em out!!!! you both are looking fabulous... And, your purse mathes the shoes PERFECT! ~Great FIT!

  7. love the look!! You look fabulous!
    Xox <3 An
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