November 17, 2011

Coffee Talk: The Blame Game...

We blame people for a lot of things don't we? Sometimes even on a daily basis. We blame people for doing things, or not doing things...for thinking all of the time, or for not thinking at all.

What people don't realize is that when you blame someone for something, you are taking away any acceptance of them as a person.

Ok, here's my opinion...
We all have these irrational thoughts, in which we're caught up in anger and neurotic behavior. But you have to think about this...erroneous beliefs are beliefs and defenses we build up and replay with anger so that we don't have to know the truth about ourselves.

Here's something else, irrational thoughts are crazy!! And they keep us in victim mode and cause us to avoid responsibility for our OWN actions.

You want to know how you can achieve some form of happiness in life? Well--break into your negative thinking for starters. Stop assuming and running with it. There may be other reasons why things happen.

Those who project blame/accusations often feel a hidden stigma and shame as possessing a disgraceful personality trait so they 'project' or transfer anger on others to distract themselves from knowing the truth about themselves.

And how do you know if you're projecting your anger on others? Judgments and anger about others' behavior are projection.

Blaming others...for some people, the 1st reaction to a problem is to find someone to blame. Blaming is a defense mechanism to avoid taking personal responsibility for the situation.

I believe that the people who always do the blaming, never get the sense of satisfaction of growth. And, by refusing to see their own errors, they remain STUCK.

You wonder why I've written this post? Because I am being blamed for something I didn't do. And I don't appreciate it. It also hurts considering where it's coming from; someone very close. However, I know that the accuser will never see any wrong doing behind their thoughts.

It's a lost sad.


  1. Sorry you're being blamed for something you did not do. I have been the victim of this too and it definitely hurts, pray for them. That's all we can do.

  2. I completely understand this post. In my profession, the blame game is rampant. It's a difficult pill to swallow.

    Continue to pray and meditate for your peace and theirs.


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