December 16, 2011

Feature Friday: Tanesha (Girl with Curves)

Meet Tanesha....

I'm not sure when I stumbled upon Tanesha's blog (Girl with Curves), but I was happy I did.
She has such an inspiring blog in which she offers wonderful styling tips, advice, and
so much more for the woman with a curvy physique.

She's sophisticated, and totally gorgeous!

My daughter also visits her blog frequently, because she's always wanting to see
what Tanesha's going to do with her hair.

Check her out! She's awesome.


  1. She's cool and she keeps things simple and classic.

  2. She is fab , I've seen her on many blog features so well deserved I luv her style and those gorge curves she makes me want to embrace my curves and forget about dieting so much ,just luv her great feature dear

  3. I love her pictures, great feature!

  4. Oh yea! I frequent her blog all the time. It's definitely a good one!

  5. She has great style and dresses appropriately for her curves. She is definitely an inspiration.

    7eventh Letter

  6. She is adorable. I love her hair. Those aqua pants are a must have.

  7. I checked out her blog and she has amazing style and she really understands how to work with her body type...she's got it down. As a stylist I like finding good inspiration for women of all shapes and sizes thanks for the heads up I'm definitely going to keep my eye on her.


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