April 29, 2011

Fashion Lookbook

To my Fashionable Atlanta Bloggers.

H&M Top & Bag / New York and Co Jeans / Dolce Vita for Target Shoes / Charming Charlie Necklace

I've met some pretty wonderful blogger, from all over, since I started blogging back in 2009. However, it wasn't until recent that I met a number of Atlanta bloggers. These are some stylish, chic, and trendy individuals. Please take the time to view their sites. I have them listed as "Fashionable Atlanta" on my side bar. Below are just a few of my Fashionable Atlantans...

I hope that you all enjoy your weekend! Until Sunday...Take Care!

April 28, 2011


Due to me staying up all night tracking the storms, I am truly tired. So I'm going to bed now. I hope to talk to you all tomorrow. Have great night!

April 27, 2011

Linked up Wednesdays....More Atlanta Events

Polka Dots

Just a few more events happening around Atlanta. For my 'Fashionable Atlanta' team, I will send these events to you directly as well.

2011 Shop, Show & Tell - A Shopping Expo with a Twist!
Saturday, July 23 @ 11:00am
The Foundary at Puritan Mills
Event Website

Fro Fashion Week
Friday, September 23 @7:00pm
Melia Hotel Atlanta
Event Phone (888) 521-0660

Prints.Florals.Patterns Fashion Soiree & Networking Mixer
Thursday, May 12 @ 7:00pm
Nv U Boutique Midtown

*****2nd Annual Ladies of Facebook Networking and Partnership Awards Brunch****
Sunday, May 22 @ 11:00am
The Georgian Terrace Hotel
Event Website

April 26, 2011

April 25, 2011

The Sartorialist and More!

Today I attended Scott Schuman's (The Sartorialist) Lecture at SCAD Atlanta. I had taken my daughter along. It was a very informative and, truly good lecture. He spoke of how and why he started (2005). His main points of focus, for blogging, were:
  • Learn to learn
  • Self aware
  • Find the romance
  • Media is cheap
  • Dialog not monolog
  • Brand yourself
It's with this information he explained that you should continue to learn and research often; especially in what you like, and are willing to do, or what you're currently doing. That could be in art, photography or personal blogging.

He discussed 'street style' blogs as opposed to company ones like Style.com and CNN.com. There was a part where he said personable blogs are more honest; they give the editor's point of view. He also explained the difference between 'street style' blogs, personal blogs, and those blogs who 'steal' content and photos from the Internet. According to Scott, 'the most interesting blogs are personalized'; made into something consistent.

The rest of the lecture was discussing the trick of advertising. He emphasized that brands like to advertise on blogs that represent core values; brands like honesty and it's that honesty that they look at and say they want to invest in. It's like they want to know that they are talking to a real person. The trick is finding a brand that will sponsor your artistic expression. He also stated that bloggers must realize that they are working for the brand and not vice versa.

The last part of the lecture was Q&A. Very good questions asked...like, 'how do you get a person you don't know to take a picture?' Scott said you just ask them. Be bold. You're going to get a lot of  'no thank you' answers. But keep pursuing because you will get a yes eventually. He said that he had a good day in Harlem yesterday. A good day was 4 photos of 4 different individuals.

All in all, it was a really good lecture. I enjoyed it and so did my daughter.

More pics from the lecture...

My daughter and Scott Schuman

April 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap up...

Happy Easter!
And for those who do not celebrate Easter; Happy Sunday to you!

Let's see...my weekend has been both busy and relaxing. Friday night was all about seeing Madea's Big Happy Family movie. It was hilarious and sad...but I don't care what anyone says about Tyler Perry, his Madea movies always tell a message and they are sooo funny!

Saturday was my busy day, as always. I got up to exercise; after taking my shower and everything, I got the girl up so I could take her to all of the million places she needed to go. No shopping! It was all about errands and being the personal driver for my daughter.

After our errands, we came home so I could cook dinner. I made chicken tetrazzini (sorry did not add recipe in Kitchen; will do that later) and chocolate chip cookies with the semi chocolate chunks and chips.

And here was my day look...

Leopard and Red

Papaya Hooded Top / Old Navy Pants / Charlotte Russe Shoes / H&M Bag / Necklace my design

Later it was all about hanging with the grown and sexy :)
Liquid Leggings

H&M  Top, Leggings & Clutch / Jessica Simpson Dany Shoes / Necklace from WalMart
Today, however, was the most relaxing day EVER! I did nothing except cook. No big dinner, just a chicken, cabbage, and mashed potatoes. That's all the girl requested. We then made some chocolate covered strawberries using the Nestle semi chocolate chunks I used for the cookies. So Yummy!!!

I've been home laying back. It's also pretty hot out today (86 and sunny). I really didn't want to do much.

Zara Shoes
H&M Top and Pants / Zara Sandals

Going to sit back and watch movies ...but I'd really like to know how was everyone's weekend and Holiday?

April 23, 2011

For My Atlanta Bloggers...

Special Event, April 25 @ 6:00 PM

"The Sartorialist" SCAD Atlanta (Savannah College of Art and Design), Events Space, fourth floor, Building C

Scott Schuman Lecture

Scott Schuman is the founder and photographer behind "The Sartorialist," the internationally renowned blog that features street fashion from around the world. The New York Times called the blog "the bellwether American site that turned photo blogging into an art form." This event is part of SCAD Style.

April 22, 2011

Fashion Lookbook

Happy Good Friday to you all!

H&M Top / Pants are from JCPenny's / Shoes??

Just a few blogs I've actually started reading on a regular....

Song of Style

Peony Lim

Island Chic



April 19, 2011

LOOKBOOK Tuesday...Sweet Caramel

Before my lookbook of today....let me just say that I received an overwhelming amount of responses from my previous post. I want to thank you all, with the exception of one (Daryl you know who you are LOL). It's good to have so many individuals having your back. The funny thing is, I haven't met any of you ... yet.

No worries though, I definitely will not, as some of you stated, give these people the satisfaction of even posting anything about them. I will continue to do me...

Thank you all again!

And now for the outfit post of the day...
sweet caramel

H&M Dress & Bag  / UO Belt / Target Hat / Necklace my Design

April 18, 2011

Coffee Talk: Why do I have to keep explaining this??

Hey everyone, it's me....Corie and it's definitely a Monday.

H&M Top / Old Navy Cropped Pants / Shoe Land Shoes / New York and Co Necklace & Watch
I just realized how oily my face is in these pics. I love it and hate it.

It baffles me that some people just don't see that what you're doing, you may actually like, and that what you want to do is what you feel like doing. As Bobby Brown said, 'it's my prerogative'.

So here's the story...

I know this person who found my blog via a mutual friend. This person ...let's call her 'hater', called me up and said that she was on my blog and thought it really nice etc...

Then she asked why do I blog? Umm, let's see, her words were "you have a nice blog and everything, but I really don't understand why you blog. It's not like you can totally compare with the other bloggers out there like, Fashiontoast, or The Glamourai. Not that I don't like what you're wearing, you're always wearing cute clothes, but they're just not as trendy as these other sites I go to."

So, I told her to read my 'About' page...that should sum it up. I'm not competing with ANYONE who's blogging. This is me...take it or leave it...better yet, if you don't like my site, you don't have to visit. It's simple.

Look, I know I'm not the most trendy individual in the fashion blogosphere. I am an average, everyday gal who likes to dress comfortable and, on occasion, may actually dress up when going out somewhere. I do not like wearing makeup, I am not a glamourized individual every single day, and I think that's what separates us all when we're talking about 'fashion blogging'.

I honestly do not consider myself a fashion blogger; more like lifestyle or something like that. I not only post what I'm wearing, I post what I'm cooking, or something with my daughter.

I love looking at all of the other fashion bloggers out there. Everyone has their own unique way of styling themselves. I love seeing that. You have your everyday vintage stylistas, your fashionably trendy dressers and then you have your cute and casual, everyday dressers.

So I am know longer going to address this question. People kill me, who gives you the right to tell someone what they should write about on THEIR own blog or site??

Anyway....I also have an update with my friend and her long distance lover...

April 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap up...Lookbook

What a busy and gorgeous weekend we had here in the 'A'. Saturday was all about the movie Scream 4, a little bargain shopping and, today, it's all about a little RnR.

And thanks to Miss Eboni over at The Fashionista Next Door, I've even started a Tumblr account. There really isn't a lot of info posted yet, but that'll change soon!

So while shopping yesterday...I dressed, well, casual of course!

grey day
H&M Top & Shoes / Old Navy Pants & Jean Jacket / Urban Outfitters Bag / New York and Co Watch / Forever21 Necklace / Belt?

I went to Atlantic Station; to the H&M there, and found the most awesome pieces! And let me just tell you, I loved every single piece of the Conscious Collection . I'll have to create a separate post for this.

Then I headed over to Lenox Mall and shopped at Zara, Urban Outfitters (my other fav store), and Macy's. Again, another separate post for what I found. Just keep in mind, everything I purchased was on sale or clearance! No big spender here!!

This morning, I had taken the girl out to drive. She received her permit and now she's ... ummm wanting to practice a lil driving. This is the girl after driving (I did a mini photoshoot with her for her blog) ...

Again, another casual day for me...
Urban Outfitters Top / New York and Co Jeggings / Target Shoes

Now I must look for something to wear to work tomorrow and then cook. I plan on going to bed early tonight.

Hope you have a great day!

April 15, 2011

Fashion Lookbook

Top ? / Old Navy Cargo Pants / ForeverXXI Shoes
Welcome ... today I have for you some bloggers in which I find awesomely chic. Their styles are more trendy chic than anything. I love the pieces they put together, the photos are interesting, and some are even pretty unique.

Check 'em out!

First up are the sisters, Natalie and Dylana.
These two are effortlessly chic and trendy.
Dylana has the blog Color Me Nana
Natalie has the blog Natalie Off Duty

Then we have Krystal from the blog This Time Tomorrow.
Love her style, again another chic and trendy dresser.

Julie from the blog Sincerely, Jules has such an eclectic style...it's crazy! Love her outfits.

Lastly, Zina from Fashionvibe. Her style is classic. You basically have to see for yourself.

Well hope you take the time to check 'em out. I always do. I follow so many bloggers it's crazy! But I love different styles.
Have a Great Weekend!

April 14, 2011

Free for all Thursdays

Let's see...on this day I can talk about whatever I want, or say what I want, or do what I want....

I choose to make it a lookbook day.

This is what I wore for work...
I Love Stripes

Know Style Top / Forever XXI Skirt / Shoe Land Shoes / Necklace is my design

This is what I wore after work....I went to an event with a friend. The event I wanted to go to sold out of tix. However, I still had fun at this networking event.
Cool Beans
H&M Jumper pt 2
H&M Jumper / Blazer?? / JS Danys

By the way, I have something pretty cool coming soon...stay tuned