May 31, 2011


H&M Top & Skirt
H&M Top, Skirt
H&M Top & Skirt / Shoe Land Shoes

Not much of a Lookbook today, as I am still playing catch-up with the regular things in life after coming off a wonderful vacation.

However, this is my casual outfit I wore to work today. Which was, for me, an extremely long day.

Again...I appreciate all who have entered my giveaway. For those of you who haven't entered, please go here to do so. I will announce the winner June 5th. Good Luck!!

May 25, 2011

Linked up Wednesdays...Labels

H&M Tank / Old Navy Skirt

I look so darn tired! I am...with classes, work and the girl in everything, I'm worn out!


So this week I've attached some of my favorite online labels (stores); some I buy, some I don't but love to take a look at what goodies they may have. So here they are...

A.P.C. - This online store has the best clothing, shoes, etc... for both men and women. They even sell their own music.

American Apparel of course!

Express Fashion

MEXX - They have the cutest casual wear. The only thing is, I remember seeing this label in one store in NY. I just don't remember where.

Acne Outlet - Love their clothes! I actually have a couple tops I bought from here...yes, I'd lost my mind. Even though I got them at sale prices...I broke the bank regardless.

May 24, 2011

Lookbook Tuesday

Blogger is beginning to suck! You have no idea what I had to go thru in order to post tonight. I don't even have words. I've had an exhausting day anyway, so I guess I'm off to bed. Good night :)

H&M Top & Pencil Skirt / Shoe Land Shoes

May 23, 2011

How Has Blogging Changed the Way I Dress Today?

H&M Tank / Old Navy Dress (worn as a skirt) / Shoes are from DSW 

Someone sent me an email asking how has blogging my outfits changed how I dress today. I actually had to think about the question; go back and look at some of my past outfits, and study what I wore & how I wore it.

Again, I'm a casual dresser. I'm not all about the glitz & glamour on an everyday basis. I love my jeans, T's, maxi dresses & skirts, and my shirt dresses. I love wearing wedges more so than heels; would prefer wearing sneakers everyday. I'm not a trendy individual, but I do love the trends that have come and gone.

My conclusion...there hasn't been a dramatic change; except for maybe one factor--I've added a bit more color to my wardrobe. I stuck with my neutrals and basics (black, brown, grey). So I've noticed that I may take a basic, and add some color to it. It's been gradual, but it's a small change.

I've actually slowed my shopping down as well. I have so much stuff in my closet, I felt it was time to actually wear it or sell it. So I guess another change is that I shop less.

Therefore I haven't changed my dress that much. I stay close to what is ME. It's fun blogging. It's fun looking at other fashion sites. It's fun reading what everyone is sharing.

That's how has blogging changed the way you dress today?

May 22, 2011

Daily Outfit:Weekend Wrap up...

What an amazing weekend...and HOT!
H&M Maxi Dress / Zara Sandals / AA Bodysuit

I've been busy. I so need a vacation, but I guess I can wait a couple more months before that takes place. Where do I start? ... Yesterday I had tons of errands to run, and was my daughter's personal driver as well. She had a photo shoot, we did a little grocery shopping, and later on in the day I went to go party like a rockstar with my girl Lori. It was her hubby's birthday and she had given him a party; close friends & family only.

I helped her get some things ready, like the cheese and sausage platter, the fruit salad and ...that's about it. Soon people started arriving and it was loads of fun!!!

I had to leave a little early, but the 5 hours I was there, it was AWESOME!

This is what I wore to the party.
H&M Maxi Dress, Belt, Shoes / AA Bodysuit

Today my daughter had a private casting for Cinderella's Closet model search. It was 4 hours long! She had to go thru some catwalks, photo shoots, and posing techniques. Cinderella is to make their final choices by tomorrow or Tuesday. However, it turns out my daughter was the last to be interviewed and when I arrived to pick her up, they congratulated her, as she is one of 20 models to be in their 2012 Catalog and runway show.

I'm so proud of her!!

Hair, Asiah / Makeup, Me

After we left the casting, we went to the movies and saw Pirates of the Caribbean; On Stranger Tides. It was really good. Not the best Pirates movie, but it was still good.

Then I came home and made a fruit salad with Watermelon, Strawberries, Kiwi, and Cherries. It's now in the fridge chillin'.

So I'm off to relax and think about what I will be wearing this week for work.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Until Tomorrow!

May 20, 2011

Fashion Lookbook

Long H&M Cardi

H&M Tank, Cardi, Shoes / New York & Co Jeans / Target Bag / Fossil Watch

I have a new set of awesome fashion blogs for you today!

Check 'em out!

Flor de Maria Fashion - She's stylish and colorful!

Another Day to Dress up

Come Over to the Dark Side...We Have Candy - Unique title huh? I love the
styling...a little dark at times, but love it none the less.

Shatter Proof Glass Dolls - Sisters who talk about everything from great fashion to
natural haircare.

Vintage Vandalizm - If you like the vintage, pin-up style, then you're going to love Jasmin.

Between Laundry Days
Toe to toe


May 19, 2011

What to add to my shop??

UO Dress

I've had this dress for a long time. I loved the florals, the colors, and the material (it's 100% viscose). I decided to actually wear it today. After putting it on, I felt that it was a bit too short, but I wore it anyway. This dress may be added to my shop (still working on getting it up & running) because I don't think I'll wear it again.

May 18, 2011

Sharing:Going Green

H&M Tee / JCPenny's Pants / Shoes

I found some fashion sites which are green for a good cause. Check them out!

Anja Hynynen
All clothing are made from organic materials and handmade in Sweden. I'm not sure if you can order online from the U.S. but the items are very beautiful.

Alternative Outfitters
This is an online vegan boutique which sells vegan shoes, vegan bags and animal friendly accessories. Pretty cool huh? I actually got my Madden Girl shoes from here, except they were much cheaper when I got them.

Beyond Skin
This online store sells vegan shoes, vegetarian shoes, vegan boots, environmentally shoes and much more!

American Apparel
Who hasn't shopped here?! Did you know that they promote environmentally friendly practices and utilize organic cotton?

A great percentage of their clothing is made in Africa while a smaller percentage is made in Asia and Peru. Their main focus it trade in Africa. The company sources organic & sustainable materials when possible. They sell gorgeous have to take a look.

Linda Loudermilk
This company redefines sustainability with designs that give back to the earth. Their fabrics are made of sasawashi, bamboo, sea cell, soya and other exotic self-sustaining plants.

This brand is fully committed to organic farming. They use 100% certified organic cotton.

Project Alabama
Now I'm not sure if all of their collections are organic, but I do know that they have a collection called Green T. This collection is an organic collection of cotton and silk tees and dresses. You can read more about it here.

Until tomorrow...

May 17, 2011


Target Top / UO Skirt / Aldo Shoes / Necklace is my own

Happy Tuesday!

May 15, 2011

Weekend Wrap up... movies this weekend. My weekend was more of a homey type of weekend. I did manage to get up and take Levi to his grooming appointment. He looked like a mutt, his hair was almost hitting the floor. Now he's handsome as ever!

I also went out on Saturday night with some of my friends and their friends. I had lots of fun...I just don't understand why females need to wear such little clothing when going out to a club/lounge.

Anyway, I did loads of things around the house today. Thanks to my Chi'town sister, Candice (Sing'ature Style). I made my own chalkboard. It's not as big as Candice's but I made a smaller one to put on the kitchen fridge. I used an old mirror we had laying around, chalkboard spray paint, and let it dry for 24 hours. It's perfect!

Here is my Saturday (Day) outfit:

H&M T & Painter Jeans / Vans Sneakers / Necklace is my own

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

May 13, 2011

Usually Friday's are my Fashion Blog Friday posts. I am so tired that I don't even have all of my new fashion sites in order. Guess those will have to wait until next Friday. For are my outfits from yesterday and today.

I'm going in for a nap. Take care all!

Thursday's Outfit

UO Top & Belt  / Zara Skirt / Shoe Land Shoes

Today's Outfit
Casual Fridays
Target Cardi / Old Navy Tank / Gap Jeans / Aldo Shoes

May 11, 2011

Linked up Wednesdays

New York & Co Top / Old Navy Pants / UO Sandals

I started thinking about, if I wanted to go shopping with a friend, I would want that friend to be ...

Tracy Reese
Tracy Reese

Rachel Roy
Rachel Roy

Maya Lake

Mariel Haenn
Mariel Haenn

Stacey London & Clinton Kelly from What Not To Wear
View Image
clinton kelly

 Wouldn't that be cool? To have any one of these designers/stylist to be your shopping buddy?! 

May 10, 2011

This is Me Folks!

What a beautiful, hot Tuesday.

Someone asked me...a good friend...she didn't mean any harm; but she asked, "you're going to post this outfit? It's cute, I love it, but ...."

I stopped her there. I read other blogs, and sometimes even hear my daughter say that she isn't going to post an outfit because she/they didn't deem it  to be "special" or "worthy". Well...I think all of my outfits are special; I like them otherwise I wouldn't wear them. Sometimes I may feel too casual, but that doesn't mean I do not like my outfit. Besides, who am I "trying" to impress or be? This is me folks!

Old Navy Dress & Shoes