August 28, 2011

Pretty Basic

Today was more like a jeans & T kind of day. I really wasn't in the mood to dress up, and I had tons to do today.

Now I'm exhausted & will be soon off to bed.

Be safe everyone! Have a great weekend!

August 26, 2011

Feature Friday

I know that I'm always changing the content of my blog. One week I'm letting you all know
that I will have a 'special' feature day & a week later it no longer exist.

Well, I'm sticking with this one...

Starting now and every Friday thereafter, I will post my favorite blogs that I follow which
give me so much inspiration. I love reading blogs which either challenge my creativity, or
those that post outfits I would actually wear.

So my first post is of Nicole, from Frankieheartsfashion. She has, what I call, a very sophisticated/casual
look. She's also a bit of a shoe fanatic. I heart all of her shoes!!

August 22, 2011


So, again, I'm trying to add a little color to my wardrobe. I found this top at dELiAs for $9.
It was a steal & went perfectly with this thrifted skirt. The kicker? The shoes I got from
Charlotte Russe for $6.99!


August 19, 2011


Clever title huh?

It's Friday, and, even though my week was short of fabulous, I made it through. One can only hope that my
weekend will make up for this long, chaotic week.

Let's not discuss the wrinkles. Remember yesterday's post? I was not feeling motivated to iron.

**daughter was taking I've added some of my candid**

August 18, 2011

She Made Teen Vogue Best Dressed Reader of the Day!

My daughter was the Best Dressed Reader of the Day for Teen Vogue. How awesome!

Thursday's Blues

It has been an extremely long week. I was [am] feeling unmotivated, and uninterested in
just about everything. (I guess including ironing)

On another note, my Levi seems to be having an awesome day! That plush, worn out thing
in front of him, on the floor, is his favorite toy in the whole wide world! It makes noise
(lots of noise) & he always wants you to play with it with him. Thanks mom...

August 16, 2011


Yep, that was one of the descriptions I received, for my outfit, at work.
The person who said it is a true southerner with a serious southern twang.
So just picture someone saying 'saucy' with a deep southern twang. lol

August 15, 2011

Truths I've Learned About Life

Monday Blues

1. Children are the most honest beings until we teach them not to be.

2. Anything cheap & most expensive are usually both bad deals.

3. When you worry about what others will think of you, it's really you worrying
     about what you think of yourself.

4. Whenever you hate something, it will hate you back; people, situations & inanimate
     objects alike.

5. Cynicism is far too easy to be useful.

6. Those who complain the most will definitely accomplish the least.

7. What makes a human being different from animals is that animals can be
     themselves with ease.

8. Addiction is a much greater problem in society than it's made out to be.

9. Posture & dress change how you feel about yourself & how others will feel
    about you.

10. If you kill time, it becomes an atrocity. Time is priceless & it never
      grows back.

11. You can't change other people.

12. Yelling can only make things worse.

13. No one has it all figured out.

14. Anger reveals weakness of character.

15. Violence reveals weakness of character.

16. Everyone you meet is better than you at something.

17. Blame is a favorite pastime of those who do not like responsibility.

18. Quality over quantity.

19. Kids usually understand exactly what you mean if you keep it short [one or two sentences].

20. Nothing--ever--happens exactly like you pictured it.

21. There's nothing worse than having no friends.

22. Words are immensely powerful.

23. There will be a time when you have to remove certain people from your life; including family.

24. If you aren't happy single, you won't be happy in a relationship.

25. Life is a solo trip; but you will have lots of visitors.

August 8, 2011

Coffee Talk: High School 5.0

Ok, so I've been out of high school many years now. It wasn't such an
awful place, however, it also wasn't one of my favorite past times.

That brings me to speak about the new high school of today; The Office.

You ever notice how much the office is very similar to high school?
or even college? You see & notice the cliques. You're surrounded by
the gossip. And, it's possible, you may even notice some bullying.

I've seen and heard it all.

Most of you probably believed bullying only happens in the schools. Ha!
Next time, pay close attention to your office environment. Bullying comes in
all forms; cliques, gossip, & telling on others. Think about it...have you ever
been intentionally excluded by a group in your office?

If you have--be happy about it. Apparently, that wasn't the group you should
have wanted to associate yourself with anyway.

And what about competition? I understand the act of being competitive in sports,
clubs, departments...but not individuals.

I'm the "outsider" in the office. I came in not knowing one soul. I did things
according to how I wanted to do them. I didn't hang, or want to associate
myself with any cliques, and I really didn't partake in gossip. I will admit that
there were times when I was right there, dead smack, in the middle of someone
gossiping about someone else. Honestly, I didn't have anything to say about that
someone, especially considering I know that I have no problems letting that
person know how I feel about them.

But it's funny. You wonder what's wrong with these people? Sad. Many
dislike you for no apparent reason; you may dress differently, speak differently,
act  differently...and they don't like you.

Jealously is usually the 'why' someone feels the need to speak about you in a
negative way. Maybe that person is going through some personal issues at home.
Therefore, it's easier to be critical of someone else rather than addressing what's
really going on within.

Then there are the ones who gossip because they like the attention. Funny huh--how
people [adults] revert back to their teen years.


August 7, 2011

Coffee Talk: Blogging with a purpose...

I've spent some time thinking about ... things; life in general.
So that I won't get too deep, I'll narrow my thoughts in relation to my blog[ging].

In the past, I've been asked, "why do you blog?" & "what's the purpose?"

In the past, I've given the same answers.

Until recently, I've had to ask myself why was I blogging. I love
sharing my world with friends & family --- even my new friends.

Do I share every part of my life? No. I don't believe I know anyone
who really would. Some things are better kept at home.

Did I really want my blog to turn into a 'style' blog? No. But things happen.

Believe it or not, I'm more of a writer than a stylist/fashionista/showcase
type. I've fallen off that path of my true passion [writing]. happens.
What you do is -- get back on that path. Will I stop showcasing my outfits of the
day? Nah; not really. I enjoy sharing my daily looks with you guys. In some
odd way, doing so is a form of liberation [showing you who I am each day].

You'll see, however, as the days progress; my blog content will change.

And, let me just say, I will like to thank you all. Thank you new followers;
the ones who've been with me from the beginning; and those who really aren't
following me, but will check up on me every blue moon. It feels good to know
that there is someone out there who even cares.

Now...let me get on with OOTD [taken Saturday].

*great for running errands*
*also note that I'll stop adding what I'm wearing. but just ask & i'll be happy to share.*

Enjoy your Sunday everone!

August 5, 2011

Not Even a Fanny Pack!

It's a leather belt with pouch from Love21 & I love it!
fanny pack

I couldn't pass it was so cool!

Ok, I hope everyone has a great weekend!
What I'm Wearing:
*H&M Tank
*AA Tank underneath
*Old Navy Pant
*Aldo Shoes
*Bracelets are mine

August 3, 2011

More Pleats

I found this Navy Blue pleated skirt in a thrift store,
and it is the most free flowing article of clothing ever.
*darn the sun*

I love the mesh feel, and how light the fabric is.

I have another pleated skirt [worn here] which was the
total opposite. Not flowy; and it was thick.

But I do love this one. Score!

What I'm Wearing:
*Thrifted pleated skirt
*H&M Tank
*Necklace my creation