November 30, 2011

And Then the Sun Came Out


Today the sun came out; after 2 days of pics to show you how happy I was.

Yesterday it was still drizzling & it was very cold. I actually had to pull out the turtleneck. So the pics you see are from Tuesday.

Now if only we can warm up just a bit....I don't care for 39-40 degree temps at all.



Until later...

turtleneck: Old Navy / faux leather jacket: H&M / faux leather skirt: Forever21 / tights: Target / heels: Charlotte Russe

November 29, 2011

Adding a lil Sunshine

dress & coat: H&M / tights: Target / boots: Forever21 / necklace: WalMart

One week our temperatures are anywhere from 66 degrees to 72 & sunny. Then the following week it's 39 - 55 degrees & raining. What tha?!

November 26, 2011

Whew...finally relaxation

sweater: H&M / jeggings: Marshalls / bag: NY&Co / necklace: JCPenney / boots: Shoeland

With the Thanksgiving holiday and Black's just been one crazy holiday weekend. I know I say crazy--it was fun--but hectic at the same time. I'm so glad things have slowed a bit. Now I can get back to my reading, blogging, & catch up on some TV shows as well.


As far as my outfits? You know me...I keep it simple and casual. I did go out one night but did not take a pic of that outfit--bad me...

Feature Friday: Marley Simone & SWOON

Meet Sandy (Marley Simone)...

I stumbled upon her site a few weeks back and can honestly say...I've enjoyed every post.
She's a stylist who's super creative with a lot of personality.

I'm sure you all will enjoy browsing through her site.

As promised...
The 2nd feature is Jeeda (Swoon)...

I love her looks, especially the cute & casual jean ensembles. She can also rock some color! So do stop by her blog as well.

I browse through so many blogs on a daily basis. I have much more to share with you all. Sometimes it's just really hard to choose. There are so many unique, and creative fashion bloggers out there. But, each Friday, I'll definitely try to share with you a new feature.

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!
Have a safe weekend!

November 23, 2011

From my family to yours!

And the vaca begins!

blazer: Old Navy / T-shirt & necklace: Forever21 / jeans: NY&Co / boots: ShoeLand / bag: Target

Here I vacation has begun. So I'm going to tell you now; I will be on a lil hiatus from blogging. I'll definitely be back in action come Sunday!

I do hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

And...for those who are participating in Black Friday, be careful!

November 22, 2011

Color Splash

jean jacket: NY&Co (2 years ago) / blouse: Old Navy / skirt & shoes: H&M

It's that type of know the week when you don't feel like finding anything to wear to work, lazy, just wanting to relax. I'm so happy that I only work 3 days this week!

I honestly didn't want to look I decided to add a splash of color. Red always seems to brighten things up :)

...and don't you love these shoes? I got them from H&M about a couple weeks back.

Well hopefully I'll something more exciting tomorrow...

Until then....

November 20, 2011

Busy Saturday Only...

Let me just tell you-- I totally enjoyed my Sunday. Nothing but relaxation... and I didn't even have to cook.

But, my Saturday was a different story. I had tons of errands to run during the day (including the Old Navy run) and by night I was having loads of fun at my girl's birthday party.

And what did I wear?
blouse: UO / sweater: Old Navy / jeans: NY&Co / loafers: Target / necklace: Forever21

November 19, 2011

Bringing you up to date

I know that I didn't post my Feature Friday yesterday...that means I owe you 2 features next week.
My day yesterday started off with a horrible headache, so I didn't really do much. Things eventually became better but that meant, I became busier. 

These are just some of the outfits I wore this week and did not post.
blazer: I think was from Rainbow / top & necklace: Forever21 / pant: H&M / shoes: Charlotte Russe

coat: Forever21 $18 (all of their outerwear was 30% off)

shirt dress: NY&Co / coat & leggings: H&M / necklace: Forever21 / booties: ShoeLand


Now I must start getting ready...I'll be off to Old Navy for their early Black Friday sale today. From noon - 5 pm all of their adult outerwear will be 75% off!

Until tomorrow...

November 17, 2011

Quick Post: NEW LOAFERS!

Finally found some for a very reasonable price. Like $25 reasonable!!
Found at my local Target

Coffee Talk: The Blame Game...

We blame people for a lot of things don't we? Sometimes even on a daily basis. We blame people for doing things, or not doing things...for thinking all of the time, or for not thinking at all.

What people don't realize is that when you blame someone for something, you are taking away any acceptance of them as a person.

Ok, here's my opinion...
We all have these irrational thoughts, in which we're caught up in anger and neurotic behavior. But you have to think about this...erroneous beliefs are beliefs and defenses we build up and replay with anger so that we don't have to know the truth about ourselves.

Here's something else, irrational thoughts are crazy!! And they keep us in victim mode and cause us to avoid responsibility for our OWN actions.

You want to know how you can achieve some form of happiness in life? Well--break into your negative thinking for starters. Stop assuming and running with it. There may be other reasons why things happen.

Those who project blame/accusations often feel a hidden stigma and shame as possessing a disgraceful personality trait so they 'project' or transfer anger on others to distract themselves from knowing the truth about themselves.

And how do you know if you're projecting your anger on others? Judgments and anger about others' behavior are projection.

Blaming others...for some people, the 1st reaction to a problem is to find someone to blame. Blaming is a defense mechanism to avoid taking personal responsibility for the situation.

I believe that the people who always do the blaming, never get the sense of satisfaction of growth. And, by refusing to see their own errors, they remain STUCK.

You wonder why I've written this post? Because I am being blamed for something I didn't do. And I don't appreciate it. It also hurts considering where it's coming from; someone very close. However, I know that the accuser will never see any wrong doing behind their thoughts.

It's a lost sad.

November 16, 2011


top: Old Navy / skirt: Forever21 / heels: 15dollarstore
I have tons to do today so that means no blogging (includes reading blogs, commenting...). I'm surprised I even have time to post this.

Not much of an outfit post. Actually, the photo above was taken yesterday after work and my daughter was taking pics like she was just introduced to the camera or something. Hence the one photo...smh

Anywho...I gotta go! But for those who are playing me on Words With Friends, I'll have my phone with me!

Take care all!

November 15, 2011


blazer: Target / sweater & necklace: WalMart / skirt: Forever21 / boots: ShoeLand
The winning word. I was playing Words With Friends (WWF) with a friend, and it just so happens that I had a couple of letters that created the word Maroon. I win!!

Fitting...the outfit shown was worn yesterday for work.

Do any of you play WWF? If you want to play me I'm corieatl. Don't be scared...ha!

November 13, 2011

My Weekend....

Was not all fun and games. I had tons of errands to run, and also my daughter and I decided to upgrade our phones. Best Buy was the place to go! And that had taken about an hour and a half to do. Again, no movies...
I even redecorated my bedroom. It was a project in motion already, I just finished it up Saturday.

So, to make sure I was comfy, yet not a total fashion disaster while running errands, I wore this...
dress & leggings: Target / cardi: H&M / boots: ShoeLand
My daughter has befriended a stray kitty and it won't go away. I think it sort of thinks our home is its home.

November 10, 2011

Feature Friday: Sassi (Asterisque)

Meet Sassi....the name of her blog is Asterisque.

This blogger has incredible style. She'll go from edgy to girly to sexy.
What's even more incredible? She's a medical student.

Basically she has great styling skills and exudes confidence. I love her style!

Check her out!

November 9, 2011

Coffee Talk: Beauty...

shirt dress, watch, bracelet: NY&Co / leggings: Old Navy / boots: ShoeLand / necklace: Forever21

Seriously, why do people think that a woman is 'beautiful' only if she's 5'10, and a size 3/4?  I know that we're all obsessed with our appearance than we'd like to admit. And I've heard others say that attractive people have distinct advantages in our society (a whole other blog post). But this is an extreme concern.

Is it the media we blame? I mean -- after all we have become accustomed to rigid and uniform standards of beauty through the media.

What about TV, billboards, and magazines? They show beautiful people all of the time; making exceptional good looks seem real...attainable.

It's funny--the standards of beauty seem to have become harder to attain. I say this especially for women. And what standards does this set for our young girls? (think about the Barbie)

In my opinion, women should accept their bodies. Don't set unrealistic standards by harming your self-image and your health. There are studies out there that show today's beauty standards can destroy a woman's self-esteem.

Let's not take it there. We're going to have to learn to LOVE ourselves. With this new found love, all of the misleading beauty standards will be defunct.