February 8, 2012

Blogging...Social Media...& My Favorite Printed Pants

I've come to the total realization that I truly enjoy blogging. Really...I thought about it; I don't gripe about blogging; no complaints & don't feel like it's a chore. This is a job that I'm content with.

I could probably blog 2-3 times a day -- if I had the time. Yes, I have that much to share :)

I love sharing photos of myself; my family...I love sharing my thoughts; opinions...
What you see is what you get.

And I don't even stop at just blogging. I'm on Twitter; Tumblr; Facebook; Google+; Chictopia; Pinterest; Instagram; Fabsugar; YouTube and Bloglovin (click on buttons on left-hand side of screen)! I may not be as vocal on some these outlets or as consistent, but I do put in the time to share my world at these places too.

I've been asked how do you manage the time...it's easy with me. Blogging is something I love to do; I manage to blog when I have spare time, which is usually at night. I never blog from work; not appropriate, however, at lunch, I'll get on my iPhone and Instagram, Tweet, Facebook....or whatever.

It's all about how I manage my time...

The weekends are pretty much my days off from everything. But, I make sure I fill you guys in on what's going on, even if it's a quick post.

I try to remain consistent when it comes to my blog. As for all the other social media outlets...I get to them when I can.

Once again, I do appreciate you guys & thank you so much for even taking the time out to read my blog :)

Now, for the favorite printed pants....Yes, I've worn them again...

I love these pants...and you should see the looks I get at wooorrrk. It's hilarious!

Seriously, these are the most comfortable pants ever! I always feel like I'm in my PJs when I wear them.

Ok gotta go and read your blogs now.

**Also, I've been tagged on a couple of blogs now. Just to let you know, I swear I'm getting to those this weekend.**



  1. I like the print too. I'd love to have this print in a maxi skirt.

    My love for blogging is off and on. I am in an off season right now. I am not participating as much as I use to.

  2. you sound like me. i have really grown to LOVE blogging, and time management is everything! glad to follow you and as i have said before, when i come to atl i am looking you up :-)


  3. Cute pants , love pink black and white together instant chic!

  4. Corie, I LOVE your pants and YES blogging is a JOB and you are very dedicated and I thank you for that... like I told you before you inspire me! I LOVE blogging too but at times LIFE just take me by STORM!

  5. First, I love those pants! Paired with the pink is awesome.

    Secondly, I so enjoy visiting your spot. The dedication that you put into it is not lost on me. It really shows.

    My love for blogging has really blossomed. I just recently learned to use Twitter correctly and actually socialize with people. LOL! I'm getting myself out there more and more. My next step is to create a FB page for my blog.


  6. Cute outfit!!

    I love blogging but being on twitter, facebook, bloglovin etc... not always priority for me. I try to be on them as much as I can, but for me some days I can't. I try to do it when I'm at home at night and at lunch but some days I still can't. Having a 7 year old to go home to, cook, homework, workout and then be in bed by 9pm to be up at 5am it can be hard (I get home at 6pm).

    But I've stopped stressing over it, I do what I can on all my sites/blogs (personal and business sites)and try to stay as connected as possible. I used to worry that I wasn't on any of them enough especially after reading tips on growing or increasing traffic to your sites/blogs, but I decided I couldn't do it. What I miss I don't worry about and if people are meant to come to my sites/blogs they will!! (shrugs) :-)

    Carsedra of:



  7. Give me that necklace!!

  8. Love the pants as well. Thanks for sharing the other outlets, I need to join more myself.

    7eventh Letter

  9. thank you guys! i know for some it's truly hard to blog consistently. it's hard for me at times. but it's also fun, that's why i make the time.

    And @Mello...my daughter would kill me!lol she's been asking me for that necklace since i bought it!


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