March 9, 2012

Feature Friday: A Fashion Show

Okay, so instead of me featuring another wonderful and new blogger today, I will feature my daughter's high school fashion show.

Some of you may know that my daughter is in DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) and one of her school courses is Fashion Marketing.

Well, her fashion marketing class and DECA presented their 4th annual fashion show, at the high school, last night.

My daughter and her friend Brittany were behind the music, the clothing, and helped with choosing the models. When I say they were behind the clothing, I'm saying they were the ones going to the stores like Forever21, Delia's, Papaya, Francesca's, David Bridal, Men's Warehouse, the thrift store and Cinderella's Closet; picking up clothes to be worn in the show. Isn't it amazing that these stores allowed them to borrow their clothing for a high school fashion show?

Anyway...The girls also styled the models, including the guys. Now they did work with one of the students who has his own line out now (for males). He styled some of the guys in the show as well.

The show was called Viva La Moda and there were 4 scenes; Summer/Spring looks, Forever Love, BAS (Brittany, Asiah, Steveo), and Marry the Night. Here are most of the looks from this fashion show:

My daughter actually DIY'd these shorts. I think they used to be pants she purchased from the thrift store.

My daughter's best friend.

My daughter DIY'd this shirt as well.

Daughter's friend Steveo DIY'd the pants.

This guy is wearing the line from my daughter's friend Steveo.

Here's the girl! She wasn't suppose to be in the show but I think a model quit or something.

He rocked this runway!

Seriously I thought she was wearing shorts until she turned around and walked back.

He rocked it too! Danced and everything ... lol

The girls behind the show...

This young lady performed right before the intermission...
I wish the quality was a bit better but you can still hear how nice she sounds.


  1. WOW Corie!! They did an AWESOME job!!! I loved every picture. It looks like a great time & everyone looked FAB!

  2. This is so great I love all the pictures and the looks your daughter did so great and she looks so much older in that blazer she looks awesome awww she's such a young lady!!

  3. This is wonderful... I felt like I was right there in the audience!!!! You captured some GREAT shots & your daughter and her friend did an AMAZING JOB!!!! I LOVE to see our youth doing positive & creative things!!!!

    Thank U for sharing... :^)

  4. The show looks amazing, they did such a good job!

  5. thank you all! the fashion show was so much fun...everyone worked really hard to make things flow.

  6. I hoped this was a fundraiser because I would have purchased a ticket and the account would be stacked. This was great work! Very talented young people..round of applause.


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