March 23, 2012

Feature Friday: Links (UPDATE**FIXED BROKEN LINKS)

I'm going to do things a little differently this Friday. Instead of me posting a single feature (along with photos), I'm going to post links to multiple sites. Some of you may know that I love photography; so much that I even purchased a new camera...a Canon EOS T2i. I can't wait until it arrives! It has a higher megapixel than my Nikon D5000; however I will keep my Nikon as well until I decide if I truly want to sell it or not.

So what I wanted to add are blogs that inspire me not only by the clothing the person may wear, but also the photo(s) which were taken. Some photos may be an outfit photo...while others are just simply nice crisp shots taken of random objects.

First up...

Yvonne from the blog frl.klein. She has absolutely the best food photos (everything she bakes looks so good); she also lists the recipes. Yvonne posts up really nice pictures of just random items around her home as well. I love how clear and artistic the photos look.

Kerti from the blog Kertiii has gorgeous, artistic photos. She also takes pictures of her outfits which are very artistic and cute as well. She seems to use 2 different types of cameras; CanonEOS 400D & 600D which are both awesome cameras! Love the shots taken with each.

Angelica Blick from the blog has one of the most classic styles. Not only are her photos awesome, but she wears such chic outfits.


Sylvia from the blog Rock & Roses always takes wonderful photos of her daily outfits. She uses a Canon 5D (which I will be working my way up soon) and the photos are so clear--noise free almost. She also wears the cutest and classy outfits!

Check them out!



  1. I wasn't able to open the 1st & 3rd link. The second one with Kertiii is a great blog. Love the pics on there!

  2. great blogs I love they're pictures and also Im excited you got your new camera I love my T3i it's amazing every time I take pictures now Im even more excited then the last time I did .

  3. I love photography as well, I can't take great pictures with my little point and shoot digital camera but I try and I love see those that have DSLR's take their amazing shots. Not just fashion but anything. When someone can make an every day thing look like a work of art I am in awe!!

    I couldn't get links 1 or 3 to work but I think I found 3. Is this the link for #3

  4. Thank you Carie! you are so cute:)

  5. thanks for letting me know 1 & 3 weren't working. I've corrected them both!

    @Silvia - your blog is awesome!


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