March 6, 2012

Typography Tuesday: Be You


Someone asked me, yesterday, how is it that I'm so comfortable in front of the camera, and so comfortable with posting photos of myself where anyone and everyone can see.

I told them because I'm comfortable with who I am.

Then they asked me if I feel like I have to compete with other fashion bloggers out there because some of them dress really fancy (all about the labels).

I told them no. We're all different. What you wear should make you feel attractive, comfortable, totally you. I don't let others push onto me what THEY think looks good. Again, I know who I am. I like simple, not fussy. Beauty to me is about being comfortable in your own skin.

I did have to admit to them that I do own some of those 'fancy' labels; I'm just not the person to overinduldge.

Who was the person who asked me these questions? My friend's 13 year old daughter. She's thinking about starting a fashion blog as well, but she's just a little shy right now. I hope she does start one, she's a beautiful girl & she has cool teen style :)

sweater: H&M / skirt: Forever21 / heels: Charlotte Russe / bag: UO



(wasn't really ready to take the pic...blame the photographer on this one)




  1. I am in LOVE with this post.... Great message!!!!! I TOTALLY feel you & I'm digging that green skirt!!!! I hope your daughter friend do decide to start a fashion blog great way to encourage her!!!!!


  2. thank you so much! I hope she does too. she has great style.

  3. two of my fav colors together, and great quotes:)

  4. Nice sentiments. I like all these pieces, that beautiful green skirt is just a great color. Those heels, that necklace, yes.

  5. thank you all! green is like my new favorite color now!

  6. Great outfit very simple and elegant and I always love a burst of color. Love your hair too :)

  7. thank you so much! it's an ongoing effort trying to incorporate color in my black & white wardrobe.


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