April 12, 2012

Casually Dressing

Let's talk about this for a little bit...
Casual dressing -- what are the different types? Well, I think that when people discuss "casual dress" it can be confusing at times; there are various definitions on what "casual dress" means. Of course we all know the difference from casual office dress and casual local pub dress. My office considers "casual dress" as nice jeans (no holes, rips, paint, etc...), nice blouse or sweater (no sweatshirts), no sneakers, no shorts, and khakis. However, I do get away with wearing shorts as long as they're at the knee.

And then you have your casual dress when you're going out with friends to a movie and dinner...

Casual dressing for me is a money saver. I've worked in the office where as I wasn't able to wear open toed shoes, no bare legs...you wore a suit basically. This was just too expensive and uncomfortable for me.

I'm more of a laid back female. I like easy maintenance, no fuss, and saving money.

sweater & skirt: H&M | heels: Charlotte Russe | necklace & cuff:  Forever21

So when I say that I'm a casual dressing female, I'm comparing my work style to the more corporate environment...I'm saying on a weekend, you may not see me in sneakers every Saturday, but you will see me in nice laid back --but classic-- pieces.

And every work environment is different from the next. You may work in an office where as the dress code calls for more basic colors (blue, black, gray...) and no strappy heels or peep toes. Or you could be in an office environment like mine. You guys see what I wear on a daily basis.

The reason for me discussing this is because I've found out that some people are confused when I say that I'm more of a casual dressing type. They look at my clothes...shoes...and say that's not casual. Then there are some who say I'm too casual. However, I follow the dress code at work as close as possible. On the weekends, I dress how I feel. Truth be told, I own 3 pairs of sneakers (Vans, Converse, & Sketchers). I may have a pair of no lace sneakers somewhere in the closet, but that's it. I love heels, wedges, and really cute, sexy (chic) flats.

Basically, what I'm saying is that there are different variations of "casual dress". We are all individuals and we each have our own style. I like to be comfortable, yet appropriate for whatever the occasion.

The issue is that the word "casual" doesn't have just one meaning. However, I believe the best synonym for "casual" is "appropriate".

Curious...how do you define "casual dressing"?



  1. very casual outfit! love the accessories

  2. You look very nice!! I love those shoes!!

    Casual for me is sneakers, jeans/jogging pants, shorts, a tee, maxi dress, flip flops!

    Carsedra of:



  3. I define casual dressing as anything that's not business attire for work, or fancy attire for a night on the town. Pretty much anything outside of those two options is casual.

    I love being casual as well. It's so comfy, cute and easy.

    And let me just say that the ankle straps on those shoes add a touch of extra sexiness! Love this outfit!



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