April 1, 2012

Thanking You .... Again

This post today is to give my thanks to each and every one of you. I know I’ve thanked you all recently; but, I felt the need to say it again; to be honest with you, I can’t thank you enough.

I remember when I created my blog back in 2009, and thought that my mom was going to love it…my friends were going to be so happy because they could feel as though they’re a little closer to me, considering I live in Atlanta and my friends and family live in various locations outside of Georgia.

My first blog post was this; just an introductory. I had no clue as to what or how I was going to start this online diary. Before my online diary, I was creating family newsletters; sending them out to all of my friends and family. This was easy. My newsletters were created using Publisher and I knew this program in and out. However, postage and timing was an issue. Online blogging was the answer.

Initially my blog posts were about the jewelry I created, the nature photos taken, recipes, and my dog Levi. Occasionly I would post an outfit picture up. I was skeptic in putting up photos of myself, but some of my friends talked me in to doing just that. And I haven't looked back.

Now, in a sense, I guess you can say that I've added more fashion posts; thus, my blog turning into more of a fashion blog. But as you can all see, I've added a bit of lifestyle to go along with the fashion.

And now ... you can find me in so many other different places. I'm on Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, Chictopia, Google+, Tumblr, and even Facebook. I have wonderful friends who follow me at these places as well and it's crazy!

You are all so awesome! I hope to continue to meet more bloggers such as yourselves.

So again, thank you for following, commenting, and reading everything I write. You don't know what it means to me to know that you all find what I write to be somewhat interesting.

To all of my new followers...thank you as well. I hope you find what I post to be of interest to you as well.



  1. You are so welcome!! I love your style and I like to think that your personality shines through. Thank you for your support as well.

  2. Im soo happy that I got to meet you in person and share your life thru your blog you're an inspiration !!!

  3. I enjoy reading your blog and very happy that I've had a chance to meet you in person.

  4. Awe you are so welcome!! You make your blog a joy to read, thank you for sharing with us!!!

    Carsedra of:



  5. Noooo... thank you for sharing with us!!!! You are by far one of my faves and I admire you!!!! It's a pleasure reading your blog daily. Thanks for being such a GREAT part of the blogosphere!


  6. I'm new to your blog, but I love it! And I'll definitely be back. =)

  7. Thank you all ... again...


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