April 17, 2012

Typography Tuesday: Neon

How can you not be loving the whole neon trend right now?! I will wear it as long as I pair the neon article of clothing with a neutral piece.

With Spring in full effect...I'm seeing neon all over the place. From bags...to accessories...to clothing. check out the watch I got from Target for $9!

Neon! It's one of those slap bracelet watches. I love the color. I'm thinking about going back to get the orange one.

I'm even wearing the top I purchased from H&M; which has a touch of neon.

So now I think neon orange is my next color...
What do you think about the neon trend?



  1. I don't mind the trend at all, I used to love it in the 90's with TLC. I like your blouse and I want that watch, really fun.

  2. you look awesome. i love that top and how the color pops against the dark denim. love those wedges. how i wish i could do heels. i like to mix in a neon with a neutral. i have a khaki vest like yours and i wear a neon yellow top with it. that's about all i have now though. don't know if i would be brave enough to try pink or anything else. the gym is one thing, but i am getting too old probably for my everyday wardrobe.

  3. i like the neon trend! love your top and the watch...very cute!

  4. Pretty top! I am digging the neon trend...it's so fun!


  5. I'm loving the neon trend as well! It's soooo fun & it give u many options to play with!

    That watch was a steal and your blouse is perfect!

    Also, I like the new header & layout!

  6. The watch & blouse goes perfectly together! I'm heading to Target to see if I can find both colors of the watches too!

  7. thank you ladies!

    & Efie thanks a lot...my blog is a work in progress.


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