May 4, 2012

Feature Friday: My CoWorker

Meet Lori...

Lori is one of my good friends and my coworker. She doesn't have a blog...yet, but I just wanted to feature her because she's awesome! She's fun...a great listener...and the perfect friend to have when you just want to vent. Let me tell you, I've vented to her way too many times.

Lori is also like the queen B in thrifting. Every time I compliment her on an outfit she's wearing, or an article of clothing she has on, she'll tell me that she bought at the thrift store. And if she isn't buying something at the thrift store, she's getting something from a consignment shop.

The outfit above wasn't all thrift. If I remember, I went with her to Burlington Coat Factory; where she purchased the top. I believe her pants & shoes are from a thrift store. The pants are Bebe and really detailed and cute. The shoe is just a really cute, basic wedge.

Aren't they cute?

I wish I had more pictures but I don't.

Hopefully she will create a blog so that she can share her thrifting adventures. She's really good at thrift shopping.

Until tomorrow...



  1. thanks Jeimy! I'm sure she thanks you too!

  2. I like her outfit. I love people who can find great things thrifting. PS. I saw you the other night, sorry I couldn't make my way over to say hello.

  3. AnonymousMay 05, 2012

    Hello beautiful! Thanks for the Page O' Lori ;).

    You are too sweet, and I LOVE you too darling! Just to clarify, I actually got the wedges from Marshall's, but they're kinda like another pair I have from consignment.

    Happy styling all...


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