June 25, 2012

Event: TheGoodsLyfe Fashion Show

Over the weekend, I attended a quite fascinating fashion show (which I was invited to), that brought me back to the Ambient Plus Studios in Atlanta.

And... what a show....

Despite standing in a seriously long line outside, in the heat, for a little bit...I must say that I forgot all about that once I was inside and the show started.

The show was sponsored by Kristalized Sweets, Sweet Like Cake Jewelry & High Life Entertainment. There were tables off towards the back (at entrance doors) which housed the goodies for two of the sponsors. Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures. However, take my word for it, the goodies at these tables were tempting.

There were also some appearances made by Atlanta International Fashion Week, Infinite Appeal Fashion Organization, About Faces Management, Delux Magazine, Forever Young Fashion Organization, RunwayInk, & Platinum Plus Divas Modeling Agency as well as many others. And did I mention that they even acknowledged little 'ol me? *grinning from ear to ear*

I even had reserved seating...

How cool right?

The hosts were YourPartyTransformer and Miss CAU,  Tiffany Mason; both did such a great job.

The music was great! Fun! Thanks to DJ Blakboy.

And what great performances too! I mean they had live performances from local talent, here in Atlanta, such as @Prohaize, @ZipKennedy, @J_Hill_Trustory & @jayprime206.

Take a look at the surroundings...

Can you spot my daughter?

The Gentlemen's Table

LYFE (Live Young Forever)

And here's some of the fashion show:

the designer of Dionique 

the designer of Poor Rich Kidds

one of the designers from Cre8tive Core

the designer of John Doe Bow Ties

the designer of Exotic Rose Designs

I definitely had a great time! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stay to see the other two designers, and left right at intermission. However, again, I had a great time! I did bring the girl with me and she also enjoyed herself as well. This was the 1st fashion show she attended & wasn't a model.

I hope I'll get another opportunity such as this one....

Once again, I thank TheGoodsLyfe for the invite.

 So what do you think of the designs I featured?

Oh! What did I wear?


dress: Old Navy | wedges: Charlotte Russe | necklace: H&M

Take care!


  1. this really looks like a fun event!!! cute dress and i spotted your daughter in the pic :-)


    PS LOVE the new look of the page!

  2. You look beautiful in this dress.

  3. This looks like so much fun! Love the photos!


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