June 22, 2012

Feature Friday: Nanoosh (Fashion in my Eyes)

Meet Nanoosh....
I simply love her style. The name of her blog - Fashion in my Eyes.

This beauty from Kuwait; a chemical engineer, has such great style. She can go from super casual to super trendy / chic.

Don't you just love these striped pants?

I definitely love her style; I love how she puts clothing together (just like all of my features). I see how she has fun with clothes & you can tell she's confident in every outfit.

So hopefully you'll like her too!


  1. WOWZERS!!!!!! She is STUNNING!!!! Thanks for sharing... headed over to stalk her blog! lol

  2. owwww ! thank you sweetie ! that really means a lot !!


  3. I love her style. I'm loving that I am finding more Middle Eastern blogs. They maintain fashion in all that heat.

    Whew, it's going to be hot when I get there.


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