June 7, 2012



Just some things I've learned while blogging:

1. Speak my natural voice. I try to write in the tone in which I speak. It may be quirky, misunderstood or sarcastic...but it's me.

2. Write what I know; and know what I write. I try to write from my own experience. Make sense right?

3. Have fun. What's the sense of writing/blogging and you find it a chore; or simply -- not fun? That doesn't make any sense.

4. Readers come and go. Just like with any other social media platform  (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, etc..). Don't let that stop you from doing what you like, or allow of this to make you feel as if you're failing at something. Remember, have fun with it.

5. You won't make every single reader happy or even interested. I may write about something that offends you...well readers should keep in mind that what is written on my blog are my opinions. It's MY blog. I will always welcome comments but don't criticize....why? If you disagree with something or don't like an outfit I'm wearing, don't be nasty about it. Be tactful.

6. There are cliques in the blogger world of fashion bloggers. Don't be too pressed with hoping to be in the 'In Crowd' of bloggers. Which leads to my last thought...

7. Be me.
top & wedges: H&M | skirt: Thrifted | bag: Marshalls | necklace: ?? | shades: Target




  1. Corie!!!!!! I absolutely love this post & totally agree!!!!! I have noticed a lot blogging community! But I do have fun doing it and I remain in my lane by being myself! Thanks for sharing this post & your style! Btw, I can definitely feel your personality in your posts!

  2. Thanks Efie! I totally feel who you are in your blog as well. And I mean...really, it's all about having fun with it ya know...

  3. Great post!! Those are all things I have learned as well. I try to make sure I'm coming across as me, and not write how I think people want to read it (if that makes sense).

    Cute shoes!! They look super comfy. Are they?

  4. Wow Corie I think you were really talking to me sometimes I say why is this going this way and not that way and you know what at the end of the day I can only be me the blogger cliques and the number 4 hit home but yes you're so write just me yourself and if they come and go they come and go you can't really do anything about it. I absolutely feel you on everything Imma continue to do me and that's it!

  5. These are helpful tips for newbie bloggers as myself, thanks for sharing.

    Love the oufit by the way :)


  6. I agree with all of those tips!!!

    I love your outfit and the new color you've put in your hair.

  7. Great advice!

  8. This posts expresses exactly what I've felt lately about blogging. It was beginning to be a chore because I've suppressed "my voice" in order to remain neutral. The revamp is coming soon. Great post Corie.

  9. Love this I know that when I first started blogging I wanted to be in the "in crowd" and then I started thinking hey im cool by myself!! LOL and I wanted my blog to look like everyone else blog but their thoughts are not my thoughts and their blog is not my blog!!!! LOL So being yourself is the best option in blogging!!! Love the outfit btw

  10. thank you all for such wonderful comments. blogging is ... umm different. but like i said, have fun with it. & just be yourself. Corie

  11. First of all, great outfit, you always wear such cute, stylish and comfortable outfits, love it!!

    Great points Corie, all of these were worries of mine when I first started my blog, especially 4 and 6!! I will admit that when I first started I wanted my blog to be widely popular/liked and I was stuck on the GFC (google friend connect) follower count. When I would see it go down 1 or 2 followers I would worry thinking "ok what do I need to do to keep followers from leaving". However, it doesn't bother me as much anymore! :-) Now I would be lying if I said I still didn't want more people to like and follow my blog, but with the great people that do follow/comment I appreciate them all. I post and talk about what I like or don't like and yeah some people may not get it and it's cool, but like point 7 says, I gotta be ME!!!

    Carsedra of:



  12. Carsedra...love your comment...that's all you can do though is be yourself.

  13. Love this one Corie!! Great post!

  14. Thank you for this. I'm a newbie to blogging and it feels as though I have no audience. I often wonder if my blog is seen by more than 5 people. I will continue to write about what inspires me and be me! Excellent advice!


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