July 21, 2012

Recipe: Broiled Mozzarella Portabella Mushrooms

Super quick; super easy Broiled Mozzarella Portabella Mushrooms

That's garlic beside the tomato...just in case someone didn't know ;)

Some people take out the gills, but I left them.

I added the cheese after I added all of the other ingredients.You can choose shredded cheese if you like.

Keep an eye on these. You don't want them to burn.
Also, the timing will probably be less than 5 minutes; it depends on your broiler.

If my daughter likes it, then you know it's a keeper. She's a very picky eater.



  1. OMG! i love it! Too bad im on diet otherwise i would try this ASAP! :)

    Nice looking blog, i love it <3

  2. Guuurrrlll! I don't even like mushrooms but you've got me wanting to try this right here!

  3. Thanks Provocative Woman! Too bad ...this is such a yummy dish!

    High Heels & Good Meals - my daugher really doesn't like mushrooms either but she said they smelled so good she had to try. Now she's like I really them! lol

  4. this looks amazing wow love the pictures I can eat that right now!

  5. This is one of my favorite meals. I typically substitute a meat with mushrooms. Delicious.

  6. I love Portabella Mushrooms, so I just may have to try this, it looks yummy!!!

    Carsedra of:



  7. this dish ... I'm telling you is absolutely easy and supa good!

  8. Hey darling,

    great recepie and pics! I love it!

    Im following on GFC!

    I would like to share my blog with you, i hope you will follow back (with GFC - Google) if you like it.


    xoxo LLD

  9. I'm a vegetarian, so this recipe made me extremely happy! I cannot wait to try to recreate it :) Lovely photos as well.


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