July 18, 2012

Was Back in the New York Groove - What I'm Loving Wednesdays (Traveling)

The girl and I were back in New York City about a couple of weeks ago. This time, it wasn't for fun (sort of speak--I mean, how can you not have fun in this City?). Put it this way, in between all of the fun, we had to visit some schools. One was Parsons The New School and the other was Pratt. We also made a trip to FIT; but only to check out their museum (*which was free btw).

Which school did she like the best? Pratt...

Pratt is located in the heart of Brooklyn. It is the only fashion and design school that has a campus with dorm rooms. Most of the fashion and design schools in NYC seem to have residential housing, which is fine but the girl actually like the dorm rooms right on the campus grounds.

Not only did she like the dorms, she liked the grounds; especially their sculpture park. She also enjoyed walking through the main dining area, the Steam Plant, and the fashion hall where should could possibly be taking classes at.

Here are just some of the pics from this visit....

Oh and they also have a gymnasium and fitness room!

We also had a little fun...doing some of the non-touristy things. Like hanging out with my cousin CL whom I haven't seen in like 6 years or so. He's grown up now, and so handsome! During the summer months, he teaches in The Hamptons and decided to come meet us at Penn Station. From there we were everywhere in NYC!

You see the bags...so of course we did some shopping. We were just getting started! lol

But here are just some memories I'm sharing with you...

Atlas -- Rockefeller Center

Can you believe this sign?

Byrant Park at night.

Our room...no double beds...smh! That's ok, we love staying at The Doubletree Metropolitan (Lexington). We never stay anywhere else. And the cookies are the best!

Central Park

I still have money on my Metro Card. But I will be back!

Time Square -- it looks gloomy but it was actually sunny the whole time we were there.

 I didn't take many outfit photos...

JCP Top | Old Navy Skirt | H&M Ballet Flats | Target Watch 




And here are just some photos from the street festival on Madison Ave.

As you can see...I navigated right towards the jewelry.

Again, we did have fun. If you follow me on Instagram, then you would have seen even more photos of places where we had eaten, and other things.

I do love going to NYC but I can't stand the cigarette smoking and the smells. Just something I'm obviously not use to. The girl didn't seem to mind it at all. Also, there are waaay too many people/tourist in Manhattan! Good lawd...and I never seem to understand the point of rushing/racing to the corner. People were passing us up only to meet us at the corner...smh. But oh well, it's still a great place to visit. The shopping is the best!

Some of the stores I wish they would bring to Atlanta are Joe Fresh, Uniqlo, and Century21. My favorite places to eat there are  Juniors (in Grand Central Station), Uncle Jack's Steakhouse, and Cafe Metro. And if you bank with Chase, they have one on every corner. Considering I love me some Starbucks...they also have one of those on every corner. Boom!

It wasn't our first time and definitely won't be our last. You never know, the girl may be going to school there soon.


  1. great pictures! you're making me miss NYC.

  2. Nice pics! It looks like you and the girl had a blast! Brooklyn is amazing and well there's no better place to study fashion and art than here! I love that navy outfit with the floral top! Is the top separate from the dress or is it all one dress? KAYOOT and perfect for walking around the city!

  3. Wow! Great photos! It looks like you had a great time. The girl is simply beautiful and please tell her I own that pink zebra dress. It is awesome! :-)

    P.S. The cousin is extra fine. Okay, sorry. LOL!

  4. love the pics! i would love to visit nyc one day!

  5. Girl don't be telling folks where you bank ; )
    Nice pics. I love the overall vibe and energy of NY but agree that it's no where I'd ever live because of the reasons you mentioned.

  6. Simplychic - NY is such a great city get-a-way! I love it!

    CD Beatrice Clay - the girl feels the same way about the only place to study fashion/design...she loves all of NY! and thanks!

    FabEllis - thanks! the girl saw a lot of people in NY wearing the same dress...she thought it was pretty funny lol

    Fredetta - thanks and you gotta go! You will have so much fun.

    Sing - I simply let everyone know about chase just in case ;) lol

  7. Uggh... I have never been to NYC but would LOVVVVVE 2 go!!!! My Bestie left this morning headed there! I so wish I could have been in her suitcase. lol

    That Don't Honk sign is HILARIOUS!!!! I would probably be in jail because I stay on my HORN!!! The pictures are great… thanks for sharing!

    Oh btw, I crave those Double Tree Chocolate Chip Cookies! They are the absolute BEST!



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