July 11, 2012



Some of the styles I witnessed while in New York were simplistic but effective. It looked as though New Yorkers like to keep it simple so as to maintain maneuverability & they lean toward the streamlined, stripped-down look (probably b/c of the hot temps).

It just so happens that I packed light. I wanted to make sure that I was cool, yet simply dressed in a chic kind of way.

All I did while being there was take mental notes. Nothing was over done.
You would even see them wearing simple jewelry and minimal makeup. Another hot item was the scarf. I think I saw 20 different people wear a scarf 20 different ways. So, yep, you've guessed it--I'm shopping around for scarfs now.

I have to admit, the styling in New York is on point. And it didn't matter where we were...Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens; great style.

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  1. Yes we love to keep it simple here in NY! So glad you enjoyed your visit.


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