August 17, 2012

Feature Friday: Profresh Style

If you haven't already...Meet Christina...
Her blog is called, Profresh Style. Christina is one of the craziest bloggers...ever!

But I love her style, along with her personality and humor.

She's super funny,
and very stylish.

Christina's personality shows in every outfit she wears.

As stated in her blog title, she's a chameleon in every way.
So true...

Oh and did I mention that she also has tons of funny YouTube videos. My new favorite one so far is this one...

Check her out!


  1. She definitely has her own unique style. Thanks for giving her some blog love and sharing her with us! About to watch the video now!

  2. Great pick will check her out :)

  3. Looking at the pictures, I am going to have to check out her blog because I am loving her style!!!

    Carsedra of:


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