August 19, 2012

Movie Gear





*head to toe; NY&Co top (old), NY&Co crop jeans (old), H&M wedges, Forever21 cuff, Old Navy bag, Charming Charlie necklace

Went to the movies today to go see Sparkle... and ... it was ok. Yes, I am comparing this newer version to the 1976 Sparkle with Irene Cara; which was such a good movie. Honestly, the movie had some similarities as the original, however there were a lot of subtle changes along the way. I thought Jordan Sparx was pretty good considering this is her first acting gig. I could barely keep a straight face while watching Mike Epps play Satin. In the original version, Satin was horrible...horrible and he looked like a true slimy, sleazy male. Mike Epps didn't look sleazy enough. And I thought Whitney Houston's acting was spot-on.

I really believe that this remake was made for the generation of today. And that's fine. A lot of the younger crowd walked out thinking it was the best movie ever! Just as I thought when I first saw the original. 

So, have any of you gone to see it?


  1. I love it!! The whole nicely wrapped package ;0)

  2. I saw it on Saturday as well and I though it was nice, still waiting on the rest of the movie tho. I hate wen movies end like that. At the end every one was still in there seats I guess they felt the same. Unfortunately, can't relate to the original film.

  3. You look so cute!! Love the shoes! That top has the perfect "drapy-ness" to it! =D

    I saw the move yesterday. I thought it was pretty good... once I stopped campairing to the original. AND I think Mike Epps did a wonderful job. I can see why you said it was for todays generation. It wasn't as dark as the original version. It felt more light hearted to me.

  4. Haven't seen it yet, but watched the original last night.

  5. I love your wedges, the nude colour with the orange is lovely x

  6. You look ADORBS! I love the whole look. Drapey tops are a fav of mine and those shoes are dope!

  7. Whoaaaa... Corie, I LOVE these wedges!!!!! I too saw the movie over the weekend but I have NOTHING to compare it to so you know I think it was just AWESOME but I still want to see the original movie as well. I hoping my cable network will show it on BET, TV1, or Bounce.


  8. Girl, I love those tan and orange shoes!!!!! So hot!! Looking gorgeous as always!!!

  9. I'm really liking this look Corie. I has unique pieces combined and that makes it fly.

  10. oh and I did see the movie. I thought Mike Epps was a joke in that role, I could not take him seriously, that was a huge miscast. Whitney did really good and the role of Sister was good, the others bored me.

  11. Yeah...the movie wasn't quite a disappointment, but it wasn't as good as the original.

    thanks everyone for the comments!

    for those who haven't seen the original movie, please see if you can rent it from somewhere! It's so much better...


  12. Such a cute outfit, love the necklace.

  13. Love this whole look!! Very cute!!


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