August 28, 2012

The Body Shop: Beauty's Night Out

The Body Shop Lenox and The Branding Bar Presents....

Beauty's Night Out
This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending a pretty darn, fun beauty event at The Body Shop in Lenox Mall. This was an invite that I could not pass up. I love The Body Shop products. I admire the fact that they do not test on animals, they have a huge impact on the environment, and how they make their customers feel good about themselves.

There were a wide variety of products showcased. The makeup bar (section) was awesome!
My daughter came along, and, while at The Body Shop, got a full face make over. According to her, the makeup wasn't heavy at all, and she felt beautiful in the 'true to color' application. She had a wonderful beauty expert  (Chantelle) working on her face; who was extremely knowledgeable about the makeup used. It had taken her no time! She was that good...

What impressed me was that she knew what colors worked for my daughter's complexion and skin type. 

Look how natural she looks!

The girl above with makeup beauty expert Chantelle. And isn't Chantelle gorgeous?

There were various products shown to us. We even had the chance to try a few of them.

Take this Body Butter for instance...We tried the Shea Body Butter. It was light, non- greasy, and the fragrance was simply beautiful. This product was my absolute favorite.

We also got a whiff of these wonderfully fragrant sprays. The Body Mist...
My favorite? The Mango. The scent was just delicious! It wasn't heavy at all. I honestly have to go back to get a bottle.

And here we have their new Spa Fit product line which includes the Smoothing Refining Body Scrub, The Toning Concentrate, and the Toning Massage Oil.  Wonderful! You have to try it!

As far as a skin care product... Tea Tree line, which we were told is a product that is absolutely wonderful for your blemished skin. It's not harsh nor abrasive and that one the favorite products is the Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes; which helps minimize breakouts and tones your skin.

My daughter and I had a great time. And let me not forget the healthy snacks and really tasty spa water they were serving! Yum! Well, I didn't get any of the snacks, but that spa water was good.

The whole staff was very helpful, knowledgeable, genuine and knew how to make everyone feel welcome.

As the event came to a close, we were all given goodie bags....AWESOME goodie bags.

And they were their special edition bags...

With a special and sweet note inside.

The items in the bag...

All in One 'BB' Cream technically stand for 'Blemish Balm' or 'Blemish Base.' But this multi-functional cream is more than a simple spot solution. It's a fantastic natural-looking skin coverage and can be used either as a primer for make-up, or alone in the same way as a tinted moisturizer. However, I'm not sure if these are available online (or in stores) yet. But I can't wait to try it!

My favorite ... Shea Body Butter

Shea Beautifying Oil... which can be used on your body, face and hair.

Hemp Hand Protector... I just tried this product last night and I swear I have new hands! My hands are so much softer, and it's not greasy at all.

Vitamin E Cream ...haven't tried yet but will soon!

And of course there were some fab bloggers at the event!

Mikkel from Love The Look


Old Navy Dress | Urban Outfitters Bag

It was a great event and we had a fun time!


  1. I would have loved to attend this event. I hope they begin to have them here because I've seen The Body Shop in almost every mall.

    The pics are great and everyone looked nice.

  2. wow how great I also had an invite but couldnt make it cause I had my honey's going away party I totally missed out hopefully next time for sure !!

  3. awesome, never knew the body shop was at lenox. will have to check it out!

  4. I always crack up when you call her "The Girl." You guys are so cute! It was sooooo good to see's not to late to come to NY :)


  5. @Dr Reginia - it was so fun! like really...ooh if they do have the events there I know you are going to have to great pics! & thank you!

    @Jeimy - maybe the next would have totally enjoyed yourself.

    @Morgan - yes! they moved. I think you they use to be downstairs close to Macys. Now they are next to have to go!

    @Eboni - ha! I have everyone calling her 'the girl' lol It was good seeing you too! but umm I think I'll have to pass on the NY trip. I'm going next year!

  6. I love your black & white dress!!

    This looked like fun! I seriously need to find some events to go to in my city.

  7. Love the floral maxi. Looks like good times!! Chantelle (who is simply gorgeous I must say) did a great job on your daughter's makeup it's so natural and I'm diggin' her cut as well!

  8. It was a really good event - and great to meet you! Thanks for the mention :-)

  9. I really like their body butters.

  10. Lovely pics!!!
    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award. Check out my latest post.

  11. thanks to the rest of you! Mikkel is was a pleasure. We did have a pretty good time.

  12. Looks like a real treat. Your dress was pretty. Love a black and white combo. Your daughter looked fantastic after the makeup session and yes the MUA is a beautiful woman. I really wish my city would catch on to the hosting events for bloggers. I keep saying I need to relocate.


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