October 16, 2012

A Little History...


So, let's get something straight...Jeffrey Campbell nor Marc Jacobs were the 1st designers to come up with the infamous 'heel less' shoe. Nope...from what my research shows, it was French shoe designer Andre Perugia. He was the man to go to for his show-stopping 'handmade' shoes. And, one of the shoes he designed (around 1937 or so) was the heel less shoe.

Andre Perugia actually titled the shoe Trompe D'Oeil (fool the eye). However, this shoe wasn't a huge hit back in his time. But they definitely are now.

I like the shoes, I have a black pair and the ones shown in my photo. They are comfortable. They're easy to walk in (on carpet or any other stable terrain). I'm starting to believe that you have to have really good posture in order to pull these off. And they're definitely fun to wear.

Do you any of you have a pair? What do you think about them?



  1. Cute skirt Corie!

    That style of shoe always look so cute, but I am scared of them! lol!

    Thanks for the lesson! =D

  2. oooh love the outfit and the history !!! you go girl for being so informative!!!

  3. Thanks for the history lesson, Corie! I never knew who came up with the original concept of the heel-less shoe, so I just assumed it was Jeffrey Campbell. It's amazing what styles don't work in a certain time period that are just all the rave now! I love the way they look, but I still haven't bought a pair. Everybody says they are pretty comfortable, so idk what I'm so afraid of!!!

  4. Ticka don't be afraid! Embrace :) and thank you!

    Jeimy lol ... I try! thanks girl!

    Miss Dre...I was curious & and that's what started the research. Isn't it crazy that the shoes didn't work in the 1930's?? and trust me, they are comfy!


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