November 4, 2012

Sunday Casual


H&M tunic | Old Navy jean jacket | H&M leggings | Payless ballet flats | H&M bag

My to do list
  • Drop the girl off at work
  • Go to grocery store
  • Go to Post Office
  • Finish last wash load
  • Cook
  • Pick the girl up from work
  • Prepare for all of my shows (Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead, 666 Park Ave & Revenge)
  • Hope for a good week
My InstaWeek

1) My little cousins in their costume on Halloween
2) I had to let go of all the body sprays I never used; I'm showing you what was left
3) I purchased a Halloween T just for the occasion
4) Me lovin' my new Wet n Wild lipstick
5) My Levi...all tired out from playing ball earlier
6) All up in yo face!
7) New favorite nail polish from NYX
8) Love this area which is right across the street from my house

Happy Sunday!


  1. casual and cute so you love it and the instagram pics loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  2. Thank you Miss Jeimy! :)

  3. Love this casual look!! Very cute!! Love your purse!!

  4. thank you Jeimy, YoyosFashions and Sing! Oh yeah...I'm in love with my new bag.


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