November 10, 2012

The Container Store Atlanta

Ok so my friends & family will tell you that I'm OCD when it comes to organization. I love containers; I love for things to be in their place; I love to be able to locate items with ease and I love for things to look neat. So, why wouldn't I jump on the opportunity of attending an event at a store that I love so much?!

I was happy to see an invite to the bloggers preview event for the grand opening of the newly relocated Container Store in Buckhead. The Container Store is one of my favorite stores. Especially when you're looking for specific containers for very specific items.

Today, however, is the Grand Opening of the store.  The Container Store will be donating 10% of this weekend sales to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  This weekend only, they will also be giving away gifts every hour & a $10 gift card for the first 100 Facebook check-ins. I'll definitely be there!!

Lunch catered by Dennis Dean
We received a really really nice goodie bag too!

I need these shelf dividers! I usually just roll my towels and pack them in the linen closet
nice and tight.

Spotted ChareeLenee and her beautiful son

and Helouise from Farrielle Design and Fashion

Look at this space!

Also spotted..Breck from FashionWithoutGuilt

Kitchen/Food Storage

I think I'm going to try this. I normally use Baking Soda.

How cool is this bungee chair?


  1. Oh how I love great organization. The Container Store is one of my favorite places. Yes I love thee.

    These are such clear shots.

  2. Oh I do too! and thanks...I'm trying different settings with my camera. It's about time! lol

  3. ooh a new place for me to visit lol great pics!

  4. Looks like you had a ball!!! Im working on this organization thing!!!

  5. I did have fun. Being in the Container Store for me is my candy store. I love this place!

  6. I'm super into organization too and I love this store. I always find something random to buy too.

  7. I couldn't make it there during lunch but I went to the party that night & boy was it FUN!!!!! This store is HUGE!!!!!


  8. I'm sooo late. Great photo of me and Baby M.... I'ma have to share it!!!! :)


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