November 1, 2012

Thursday Thoughts: Cargo Pants

Back in the Spring of 2010, the relaxed cargo pocket pant surfaced, and were the newest trend of the season (remember the 90's though?). However, I was kind of skeptical on these. Now... I love being casual, and feel a need to be comfortable by any means, but this particular cargo wasn't something I was interested in.

Don't get me wrong, they are totally cute pants and I loved the relaxed cargo cropped pant as well. I guess you can say I have mixed feelings regarding this type of style.

And then came the newer cargo skinny silhouette. I love how they are tapered, how they are made of some sort of stretch material; possibly spandex, you can dress them up or down, and if you're just tired of wearing the same ole skinny jeans; change up for the skinny cargo pant.

I much prefer the sleek cargos than the baggy ones. They look more refreshed and feminine.



How about you? Do you like the skinny cargos or the slouchy cargos?


*personal photos taken before the chill in the air.*


  1. You look quite relaxed. I like the gold chain! :) Cargo pants are versatile; can be dressed up or down!

  2. Great look! LOVE the shoes.


  3. I love cargo pants because they create hips for me. LOL The slimmer ones are definitely more feminine and very versatile.

  4. thank you guys for the comments! yeah those shoes are so old...I just can't see myself giving them away.

  5. I like both and have both styles. And I like how you styled yours.


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