November 8, 2012

Meet and Greet


Have you ever felt like you know more about your online friends than your own neighbors?

I love when I finally get the chance to meet my fellow bloggers. It's a good know? And once you meet that blogger in person, it makes their blog that much more relatable. You'll now have an actual voice to go with the writing and the photos.

Today was one of those days.  A bunch of bloggers were invited to an event at the new Container Store in Buckhead (opening November 10th). I'll prepare a separate post for this event because it was pretty fun. Anyway, at this event, I ran into bloggers I know I follow, but was the first time meeting them in person. And these bloggers are so nice.

It's pretty cool. I do hope to meet more of you that I follow and converse with either by email or on your blog.

I vow to attend more events, if I'm able. Tonight there's this awesome event happening with Eboni, from TheFashionistaNextDoor, as the host and I am unable to attend. :-(

But I'll be attending other upcoming Shecky's tomorrow. I can't wait!

See you want to know the best reason for meeting bloggers in person? Because if you consider them a friend online, chances are you'll consider them a friend in person. And meetings with friends is always a good time.

H&M sweater & leggings | Shoeland booties | accessories from H&M, Forever21, and Target


  1. Yes! I love Blogger Meetups....even though I've only been to one really.I wish there were more bloggers in my neck of the woods. Nevertheless, I agree. It's great to be able to put a voice to the pictures. Anywho, LOVE those booties! LOVE! Looking great as always.

  2. so happy you had a great time I feel the same way when i met you i was sooo excited I was like wow a fellow blogger and one I love too!!! Im upset that everything is happening while im away in japan but I know there'll be more events soon !!Have fun tomorrow!

  3. Comfy look! I've never been to a bloggers event, but it'll be nice to attend one :)

  4. Love your outfit!! You look great!! I would love to attend one!!

  5. I love, love this outfit, especially your pants and boots!!

    Carsedra of:

  6. Ok, so you know I love those pants, right? Very cute!!

    I'm glad you had fun at the event.

    I would love to meet up with fellow bloggers. I know I will be able to at some point or another, it just hasn't happened yet. All of you ladies are so sweet online, I'm sure it would be a good time.

  7. Those leggings are super cool. Enjoy your events.

  8. thanks everyone! I love the events....I just wish some of them were closer to home. lol

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  10. Glad you are getting out to events. I love meeting and networking with fellow bloggers. And I feel the same way you do when it comes to feeling like you know someone online better, lol!


    PS Cute outfit :-)

  11. I love meeting other bloggers. I feel like I am meeting celebrities and sisters at the same time. Many of the other bloggers that I've meet are just adorable, warm, and fun. I hope there's an event going on when I get to the US in December.

  12. Such a cute cozy look!



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