December 9, 2012

Color for Fall and Winter



Just because the seasons have changed, doesn't mean that your wardrobe should change. It's funny that I'm about to say this...but, don't be afraid of color. Just because it's fall, it doesn't mean that you should  stick to your grays and blacks again. Spice up your wardrobe even more with color!

Even though the outfit shown is my weekend, casual wear, I do plan on incorporating lots of color this fall and winter in my office attire as well. At first I didn't know how I was really going to do it. But then I started thinking; going through my closets, and found that I have a ton of blazers. So why not start off slow. I have various blazers in bold, bright colors. That one pop of color is enough to brighten my whole look. I'll just pair that bright colored blazer with something darker, but making sure the blazer is the focal point.

Other ways to add color to your about a bright colored belt, or bold jewelry. And, what about letting your statement be the shoes? And ladies....don't forget the bag!

Don’t be shy about adding color to your wardrobe; some extra flair to the boring color palette of fall is a great way to always look stylish. It may take time to find different color combinations that look great on you but it will be worth it when you discover awesome, new outfits for your closet.

This season, is the time to explore; experiment, and let your clothes do the talking!

Have fun!


  1. The pink looks gorgeous on you!!


  2. I love brights in the Fall and Winter too :-)


  3. CUTE! Love the fit of those jeans Corie!

    I love color in the winter as well.

  4. Love the pink and blue together

  5. thanks ladies! I really appreciate your comments.

  6. Love the colors on you!! Great casual look!!


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