December 3, 2012

How to Wear: Colored Tights


H&M Sweater | H&M Bag - similar | Sparkle & Fade Skirt from Urban Outfitters | Shoeland Wedges | Charming Charlie Necklace | JCP Tights $4 on sale

If you've ever admired colored tights on someone else but wasn't so sure if you could pull them off, I'm here to help you. But I'm here to show you how to wear them to work!

If you didn't know, a really cute pair of colored tights can help pull an outfit together. There are various places where I purchase mine from:

The tights I get from these places are, by far, the most comfortable; stretchy, and can have a slimming control top.

Let's Start Slow

1. If you've never worn colored tights before, and not quite ready to wear any of the bright hues out today, then start with darker shades. You may want to go with your classic black, charcoal, or even brown. Gradually work your way up to brighter shades like a hunter green or even oxblood.

Adding That Pop Of Color

2. The easiest way to rock colored tights is to basically keep the rest of your outfit neutral and allow your tights to be your statement piece. If you wear something neutral, that means you can pick any colored tights you'd like without having to match your outfit.

Match it...or Don't

3. You want a monochromatic look; wear the same shade as your skirt, or lengthen your legs by wearing the same shade as your shoes.

Have fun! The possibilities are endless...


  1. I love the red tights. I have a few pair of colored tights, but I've only wore one. The tights goes well with the black and white! :)

  2. Those tights are awesome I love how you showed us how to styled them Im one of those people that are hesitant about them but I'm willing to try great post and great look!!!

  3. thank you Oluwaseun Sodunke! I love all colors but only a few I can actually style with whats in my wardrobe.

    thanks Jeimy!! Not sure why you're hesitant. You can rock anything!

  4. Nice Tights, I think I might have something similar , bought it but was too afraid to put it on, I am going to try them as soon as the weather gets cooler.

  5. Thanks Farrielle! Yes try them...I can't wait to see how you styled them.

  6. Wow... I REALLY like this look! I have never wore RED tights but you make me want to go out and recreate this look! Thanks for sharing... I'm TOTALLY inspired!!!!


  7. What a great print on the skirt, and totally dig the tights!


  8. u look way too cute xx


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