December 5, 2012

How to Wear: Animal Print Pants



Many of you know I love these pants. I've worn them quite a bit...through spring, summer, and now fall. I also love my snake print pants too! I love animal print pants. However, I know of some people who also love them, but aren't quite sure how to style them and not look crazy.

Once again, I'm here to help!

Tips for Rockin' Animal/Snake Print Pants:

  • Animal print is considered a neutral. They will look great with any solid colored top.
  • Because the print is neutral, you're able to mix prints. I would probably go with stripes to be safe.
  • Dress them up with heels, a chic top, and bold accessories.
  • These pants can also be worn casually. Dress them down with a chunky sweater, combat boots and a beanie.
  • Know that not only are there harem pants, there are also skinny jeans, which I find a little bit easier to style.
  • Try styling with a graphic tee.
  • Do not pair with other animal print pieces...overload!!
  • Wear with confidence!
Take a look at how these bloggers styled their animal  print pants.

So go ahead....your turn!


  1. I love your look! I must have the pants

  2. You wear them well. I'm too scarey to try this trend.

  3. thank you cmichellestyles! the pants were a great buy for only $7 at H&M earlier this year.

    thank you Sing! don't be

  4. such a great post!
    its seems so easy to wear this kind of prints, but sometine is not...

    kisses, silvia

  5. This is gorgeous I love that beautiful bold blue and the printed pants perfection I love the new way you let your readers know how to style things such a great step on your blog love ittttttttttt!!!

  6. Great job showcasing Animal Print Pants. I Love all your looks and the looks of the fellow bloggers!!!

    7eventh Letter

  7. Those pants look fabulous on you. Perfect look from heat to toe. Love the way the blue stands out against the neutral pants and that hint of gold from your necklace. Beautiful.

  8. I feel like you spoke to me in this post!! I've been trying to psych myself up to buy a pair for the longest! Thank you for showing ways to wear them!!

  9. great post!

  10. Love those pants!

    Everybody looks great!

  11. Love the color combo!

  12. thanks again everyone! printed are fun! so why not try 'em :)

  13. Great post Corie!! Pretty much love every way you and the bloggers rocked your animal prints!! Oh yeah, been meaning to tell you love It's My Taste new layout!!


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