February 24, 2012

Feature Friday: Jaela (Jaela's Beautiful Way)

Meet Jaela...
Her blog is called Jaelas' Beautiful Way. And honestly, you have to actually
go and check it out.

She's bold, unique, loves color, and daring with her style. There are outfits
in which I totally love but know that I can't pull them off; however, Jaela
will totally rock them!

Check her out! You'll love her style.

Happy Friday!


February 23, 2012


Just another day of comfort...

sweater: Old Navy / cargo pants: H&M / boots: Charlotte Russe / necklace: mine (thanks to iSpyDIY)


Today is my Friday...

Enjoy the rest of your day!


February 18, 2012

Friday's Cowgirl...


This is Friday's outfit. And yes, I know I was to add my Feature Friday yesterday...I was supa busy. However, next week I'll be sure to add my feature.

February 16, 2012

Red and Black


What can I say about what's been going on this week...
Well, I can say that I haven't really been that inspired. My outfit from yesterday was super simple; I only added the red blazer so that I wouldn't look as drab as I felt.


Besides, I really like the cut of the blazer.


There's always next week....


February 15, 2012


turtleneck & trench: Old Navy / jeggings: NY&Co / boots: Charlotte Russe / necklace: I made from earrings  I purchased at Charlotte Russe


Outfit shown was something I'd actually worn this past Sunday. It was pretty chilly out, so I brought out the turtleneck. The perfect outfit for running around (doing nothing but errands).

February 10, 2012

Feature Friday: Mayo Wo (Fashion Salade)

Meet Mayo...
I follow Mayo (fashion salade) because of her unique, yet feminine style.

She loves skirts; long, short, fishtail...and always looks great in everything she puts on.

But I noticed something...
Not only does she have this great collection of skirts--she has a collection of socks.
She will wear socks with every single skirt; from ankle to thigh high! And they always look good with what she's wearing.

So check out her blog...her style is different, however, I love the way she carries herself in every photo.

Check her out!


February 8, 2012

Blogging...Social Media...& My Favorite Printed Pants

I've come to the total realization that I truly enjoy blogging. Really...I thought about it; I don't gripe about blogging; no complaints & don't feel like it's a chore. This is a job that I'm content with.

I could probably blog 2-3 times a day -- if I had the time. Yes, I have that much to share :)

I love sharing photos of myself; my family...I love sharing my thoughts; opinions...
What you see is what you get.

And I don't even stop at just blogging. I'm on Twitter; Tumblr; Facebook; Google+; Chictopia; Pinterest; Instagram; Fabsugar; YouTube and Bloglovin (click on buttons on left-hand side of screen)! I may not be as vocal on some these outlets or as consistent, but I do put in the time to share my world at these places too.

I've been asked how do you manage the time...it's easy with me. Blogging is something I love to do; I manage to blog when I have spare time, which is usually at night. I never blog from work; not appropriate, however, at lunch, I'll get on my iPhone and Instagram, Tweet, Facebook....or whatever.

It's all about how I manage my time...

The weekends are pretty much my days off from everything. But, I make sure I fill you guys in on what's going on, even if it's a quick post.

I try to remain consistent when it comes to my blog. As for all the other social media outlets...I get to them when I can.

Once again, I do appreciate you guys & thank you so much for even taking the time out to read my blog :)

Now, for the favorite printed pants....Yes, I've worn them again...

I love these pants...and you should see the looks I get at wooorrrk. It's hilarious!

Seriously, these are the most comfortable pants ever! I always feel like I'm in my PJs when I wear them.

Ok gotta go and read your blogs now.

**Also, I've been tagged on a couple of blogs now. Just to let you know, I swear I'm getting to those this weekend.**


February 7, 2012

Typography Tuesday

Welcome to my new weekly post; Typography Tuesday!

source for all


February 5, 2012

Weekend Wear: Sunday

What a beautiful Sunday!
sweater: H&M / shirt: Old Navy / jeggings: NY&Co / boots: Target

February 3, 2012

Feature Friday: Mimi G.

Meet Mimi...
I recently discovered Mimi's blog; Mimi G., and I'm so happy that I did because it's awesome!
Her blog is, in her words, 'A Sewing Blog'. Let me tell you, she's another talented individual who can sew her butt off!

Each photo I've posted shows the creations of Mimi. I was so amazed because her pieces look as though she purchased them at a store.

Take this skirt above...the detailing is impeccable. I think I have a skirt similar, however, I paid some money for mine.

Just check out her blog...I'm sure you will be impressed.


February 2, 2012

What I'm Proud Of....

My daughter.
She's accomplished so much in her 17 years. She's beautiful, intelligent, and a go-getter.
She made it in her very 1st catalog, she's been on the catwalk a few times (living her dream), and she's only just begun.

Considering school/grades are a big topic in the house...I can honestly say that she's doing very well.

I'm proud of my mom. All my life, I've known her to be a strong, confident, and independent woman.
I've seen her struggle; which made her stronger.
Now a retired woman; living the life! She enjoys doing home improvements, interior decorating (she's really good at it), and watching the Lifetime channel...lol
Love this woman!

 Then there's Levi...he hardly does anything I ask him to do, outside of using the bathroom outdoors.
But I'm proud of him for it. House training is an accomplishment! 

 Of course...I'm proud of myself.
I've also accomplished a lot over the years.
I think that one of my most proudest moments was receiving my Masters in Business Management.
There were those individuals out there who believed that once I gave birth to my daughter, I wasn't going back to school.

 I'm proud that I volunteer my time to help those in need.
Just recently, instead of taking the day off on Martin Luther King Day, I helped
the Delta Sigmas clean up the roads in our community for their Adopt-a-Road program.
I must say...it was so much fun.
Even though we look cold, this picture was after we finished, and we were pretty warmed up.  
It was definitely colder earlier in the morning.
Me and a couple of the girls who helped out. I actually work with them both.

iPhone pic

I'm also proud of myself because...
I know and am friends with a diverse range of people and this diversity enriches me and makes me
a better person every day of my life.

My friends!

And most of all...
I'm proud that I've learned to enjoy being social.

Last but not least...
I'm finally sticking to an exercise I truly enjoy!

What are you proud of?


February 1, 2012

The Ones That Never Made It...

I've taken so many outfit photos, and a lot of the times I never get the chance to post them. Not sure why, but here are just a few ;-)


sweater: H&M / skirt: Thrifted / necklace: Forever21 / shoes: ShoeLand