January 27, 2013

ItsMyTaste: Appreciative

*pic taken a couple of weeks ago*
Old Navy Shirt and Sweater | New York and Co Jeans | Charlotte Russe Boots

Thank you to my readers! 

I have not studied in the fashion industry. I do not try to preach to you on how you should/shouldn't dress. I'm not trained to be a stylist or anything. Being authentic is perhaps the best one strategy that has worked in keeping my blog up and running still. 

I just want to Thank You for reading my blog posts. I really appreciate it! Bloggers, in general, put so much effort into their sites, and it does feel good to be noticed. 


  1. LOve this post too sweet dear keep doing you:)

  2. Haven't been to your blog in a while (shame on me!) so I'm diggin' the new layout. Also, yes, we bloggers do put a lot of work and effort and TIME do our blogs. It does feel nice to be appreciated by our readers. Anywho, cute look. Great shoes!

  3. thank you ladies! again....i'm just happy you read my blog at all.

  4. Love the post! And no matter what you should never stop doing what you like!


  5. thank you Samuel! I definitely won't stop!

  6. That beenie is perfection. finding the right beenie is an art (at least for my shape of head). and those shoes look so comfortable. I like this look, so chic and comfortable.

  7. And we appreciate that you are not trained and aren't promoting a specific store or brand. It makes it more "real". ;)

  8. You are so welcome!! And thank you for your support as well.

    You look cute!! And I think I have that same sweater! Old Navy, right? lol

  9. thanks again!

    & yep Ticka I got the sweater from Old Navy! When they were having that great sweater sale! lol


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