January 17, 2013

Leather Arms

JCP sweater (Nicole Miller) | H&M harem pants (old) | Shoeland booties | Charming Charlie necklace

Ok so pretty much this week is over for me. Tomorrow is Friday, and who knows what Friday may bring. We're supposed to have inclement weather....guess we'll see. 

So have you guessed what I did (with each outfit) without really planning it? 

I wore -- not quite the black & white trend -- but I did wear black & off white all week. And, this is on top of wearing prints. The print varied from snakeskin to polka dots to animal print.  Also, I see that with each outfit, I wore some pop of color. Like I said...I take out a whole bunch of stuff and throw it on my bed and pick out what I may feel like wearing at that time. Friday is the only day I leave open. 


But I never have "themes". The girl may plan themes. She'll plan prints one week & denim the next. Not me...

But thanks for reading! Gotta Go!


  1. Very nice staple pieces and classic prints. I like the sweater.

  2. I love this sweater! I need it. JC Pennys stuff always interest me when I see others wearing it but when I go to the store I don't find anything, :(

  3. I'm loving the sweater with the leather sleeves and the color is AWESOME!!!! Love the way you put together all your prints this week! Great Style!!!

  4. Thanks ladies! & Jazmine Jade every time I go to JCP I find something. It's one of those stores that I have to make myself walk on by lol

  5. all loves are beautiful you sure did get some black and white in each and every look. due to the weather I havent posted much but will soon love today's outfit the arms the bomb.com!

  6. Cute sweater Corie!! Think I may have to take a trip on out to JCP;) have a good weekend!

  7. Thanks Jeimy and Jeeda! The sweater was also a pretty good steal ... only $10!


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