January 9, 2013

The Brighter Side of Things

Old Navy sweater similar | H&M pants  similar and scarf | Charlotte Russe oxfords | Oscar de la Renta bag (Target/Neiman Marcus) | Target sunglasses

I notice that in the summer months, I see bright colors everywhere. However, when winter arrives the brightness virtually disappears. I get it...bright colors normally represent the warmer months. When winter gets here, you see more of the browns, blacks and other darker-earth tone colors. 

The problem with the darker colors is that they can become boring. So why not choose to be different this winter and wear some bright colors? I'm not saying that you have to wear them everyday, just try to include them in your wardrobe.

Please know that the thing about wearing bright colors is that they will make you stand out. If you're not as confident wearing them, then it can become a nightmare.

If you don't want to wear the bright clothing; go for bright accessories. Choose a bright bauble necklace....or bright bangles.

Or....if you want to try to wear bright colored clothing; layer it up! Wear something neutral (close to your skin tone), then place a bright colored clothing item over it.



  1. I am totally with you, I love to rock bright colors regardless of the season! You look great in your winter brights and the colors look great together!


  2. thank you Roni! It was a change from the black I wore a couple days ago.

  3. I like this look! The colors work well together! You look stylish too :)

    I never would wear color as much as I do now. I don't think any season should restrict us from wearing colors! :)

  4. I love bright colors Summer or not . You are working it

  5. This is something I can def do better at. I love the color combo. I have a sweater that same color, may break it out tomorrow.

  6. Lovely post my dear!

    Kisses from Bucharest,


    www. rock-and-roses.blogspot.ro

  7. I really like the colors in this outfit, very cool look!!!

    Carsedra of:



  8. hottie xxx


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