February 28, 2013

February Favorites

I've had a pretty awesome February...only minor illnesses; nothing I couldn't handle. What I'd like to do is share with you all of my favorites for this month; from beauty to food -- to clothes. 

So here are my favorites of the month...

Being Creative

I have made quite a few bow ties this month. Initially I started making them in January (video here); but have picked up the pace and have made even more this month! I've made different colors; different patterns -- I can't stop! This is the easiest DIY ever! And, it's quick with a lot less mess at the end. They're trendy, quirky, cute and stylish. My daughter has been trying to get that jean bow tie for some time now. I may just give it to her. I think I'll continue to make more. You can style them in so many ways. I even had a friend ask me to make them into hair bows. Cool!  


Lately, I've been eating a lot less poultry and more seafood. Many of you don't know that I don't eat pork, I stopped eating beef in 2005, and I'm slowly weaning myself off of poultry. Just my choice. But I'm loving seafood more and more. One of my favorite dishes that I've made this month is the shrimp salad. It's light, simple to make, and totally filling. You can find the recipe here


I've had a few favorite outfits this month as well. Nothing too outrageous (as if that were me...); simple with a little edge and maybe a surprise pop of color. 

If you recall earlier in the month, I posted my 'Must Haves'. I am so not a beauty guru. But I do love playing in makeup every once in a while. As I do continue to use the must haves, I've added to that list. I have been using the Shea Moisture Organic Anti Breakage Hair Masque. Even though it states that it's for thin, fine hair (which I don't have), I love it because it makes my hair feel like butter. And I love the shine it gives my hair. 

You can purchase here, or at your local Walgreens or Target. 

I'm hooked! Ever since I got my Kindle Fire HD 7", I can't help but baby it. By that I mean...getting different colored cases, other accessories and more! I not only buy things for my Kindle; I find the best items on Ebay. Usually you can find things cheaper than Amazon and virtually everything is free shipping. Now I must admit, I try to get things in the U.S. My daughter purchased something from China and it had taken a little over a month before she received her item. Yet it's still my favorite online shopping site!

I have been hooked on 8tracks lately. 8tracks is where you get to listen to some cool mixes by people, and you can make your own. I haven't made any of my own mixes yet. But they're coming y'all. Right now my favorite mixes are Started from the Bottom mix (more hip hop); RnB Love mix; 90's hip hop mixes; and the Macklemore mixes. 8tracks is kind of addictive. I'm on there all day listening to mixes. I love it!

I just finished reading Alex Cross Run and thought it was awesome! Now I'm reading The Host. I'm trying to finish reading it before the movie comes out in March. So far it's pretty good. It started off pretty slow and boring, and gradually escalated into a really good story. And I'm reading these books on my Kindle :) 

Also...my favorite pass time is to read. I love reading. I'm the type of person who gets excited when I walk into a bookstore or a library. 


You really won't find me purchasing too many perfumes. I'm more of a body spray gal (big ups to Bath and Body Works!). But I am a big fan of the Estee Lauder Pleasures line. So imagine my excitement when I walked into Dillard's and found this cute rollerball. Pleasures has always been a really nice; non-overbearing scent to me. I love the rollerball though...I take it with me everywhere...just in case. 

Okay, I have my favorite shows that I watch every week. I love Scandal, Pretty Little Liars, Bunheads, The Walking Dead, Revenge, and Once Upon a Time. However, I've added to that list. There's a show that comes on MTV called Washington Heights (in NY). I love that show! Even though it's a group of young adults trying to make it (like in their early 20's), it's still very interesting. Can't help it...guilty pleasure. Then there's a show that comes on the SyFy channel called Continuum. It's taking place in both 2012 & 2077. Freakin' awesome! I got caught up with all the episodes of this show in one day. So yes, these are my two new favorite shows of the month. 


Just because...
Find them here


Burning my hair off video...HaHaHaHa

Speaks for itself...



  1. thanks! I'm sure they will change next month :)

  2. that salad looks so good! i love those bowties!

  3. Fredetta that salad is good! and thanks!

  4. Cracking up at the hair video. hahahahaha
    I haven't eaten pork or beef either in years. I only eat poultry and seafood and like you, I lean more towards seafood.

  5. Sing wasn't that video hilarious?! lol


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